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11 Famous people share what their families bought for them



11 famous people share what their families bought them

Illustration: by Maxime Gérin

We were intrigued to find out what other dynastic roots have taught our relatives to buy after Lucas Zwirner told us about Swiss shampoo. His father David was an art dealer and inspired many generations of Zwirners. Many of our shopping habits, like recipes, are shaped in this manner. They are passed down from generation to generation. Zwirner, as well as members of ten other interesting clans (from the (Christopher Wallace) Wallaces to the Spielbergs), tell us about the things that they purchase because their families have always bought them.

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“Myself and my dad Donnie share a passion for sneakers. Nike Air Jordan 1s (starting at $ 100) are an integral part of our rotation. They are timeless and the silhouette is simply cool. I borrowed these from my father – sometimes, depending on my size, I have to put on two pairs of socks to wear his. My uncle Mark is a huge fan too. My dad, he and I are always best dressed. Also effortless – we don’t try. But there is an unspoken rule that we never get caught pairing with our sneakers. ”—Elias Wahlberg

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

Photo: Joe Lingeman

“On the weekends, our mom and dad played for hours in a couple’s cover band. During rehearsals, they always applied Krazy Glue to cover bubbles. After seeing her doing it for so long, we took over the practice so we could finish our set even if we had blisters. ”—Este, Alana, and Danielle Haim

Krazy Glue All Purpose Precision Tip Super Glue (2 Pack)

“My mother Susan learned astrology from her mother when she was a young girl. My grandmother taught her how to use the new A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator from Llewellyn George. My sister and I both have copies now. Although we know a lot about astrology, we are nowhere near our mother’s ability, but we continue to learn from the book. My mom told me that there is a newer version that she thinks is not that good. But you can still get the better out of stock used ones. ”—Chrissie Miller

The new A-to-Z horoscope maker and delineator from Llewellyn George

Photo: Courtesy the seller

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“By marrying the Morgan family, I learned how to care for antique bed linen that has been in the family for over a hundred years: Amway Home SA8 washing powder. It’s ideal for our heirlooms, each of which has a red embroidered number in the corner: 1/100, 2/100, etc. It preserves the life of fine bed linen and doesn’t harm the pipes in your home. I live in a townhouse in New York City, so that’s a problem. The detergent is formulated with a natural water softener so that the laundry stays soft. It’s also great for napkins, towels, and bathrobes. Especially white people. ”—Sonja Tremont Adams Morgan

Amway Home SA8 washing powder in powder form

Photo: Courtesy the seller

“Our family’s love for Jamaican food began with my great grandmother Gigi, who lived there. And for us, Caribbean Sunshine Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce is a staple food. From my father’s mother, to my mother, to my sisters and brother, it’s a place to go when we long for a Jamaican food hit. ”-CJ Wallace

Caribbean Sunshine Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

Photo: Courtesy the seller

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“My daughters and I love Sambal Oelek, a rich chili paste that goes well with almost anything. In general, we love Asian spices in this family, especially those that pack heat. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find a glass in my purse. ”- Kimora Lee Simmons

Huey Fong Sambal Oelek Chili Paste 8 oz (2 pack)

“This family has always been inspired by jumping a ball. It can help empty the brain. And emptying the brain can lead to better ideas. My mother Maira’s preferred method is to toss it against the wall above her bed. Things are broken occasionally, but rarely. When my father Tibor was a little boy in Budapest, he tossed a ball back and forth with his father. Over the years, the pink Spalding high-bounce balls have become a favorite. They can be used alone or with family and friends. ”—Alex Kalman

Spalding high bounce ball

Photo: Courtesy the seller

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“Torn by Henry Rose, my mother carries it. My sisters and I always searched their closets. The two youngest: their shoes and their make-up. The oldest: her jewelry. Me: their perfumes. But torn is something the four of us will steal. You never know who will fill the kitchen with its vetiver and vanilla scent. My mother is incredibly loving, so you could say that the scent literally rubbed off on us before we even used it. ”—Sasha Spielberg

Henry Rose Torn Perfume

Photo: Courtesy the seller

“Rausch shampoo has been an integral part of the Zwirner family’s bathroom for years. I suspect it came from my grandfather Rudolf, who is responsible for many of the European conventions my siblings and I adopted as children (like nude bathing, even on American beaches). But it was my father David who passed the habit of using intoxication on to us children. It works for everyone. My dad is still using it. My sisters Marlene and Johanna use it. Friends who started buying it because our family used it stayed intoxicated long after those relationships ended. Every few years, when one of us is in Germany or France, we buy a whole box and take it with us so that we can distribute bottles to the rest of the family. This works because a bottle can last a year or more – you need so little of this stuff to get your hair clean. My father recently got a new box and proudly told us that he thought he would keep it for the rest of his life. ”–Lucas Zwirner

Rausch Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (200 ml)

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“My family has been doing batik for years. I grew up with it. Do you know if you accidentally put something red in the white wash and turn it all pink? My mother always did that. But instead of getting rid of things when it happened, we just batiked them. I’m pretty good at batik, but my mom is really good. And Dylon is the best. I recently used it to dye a carpet. It was white and looked a bit worn so I dyed it purple. I’ve also tie-dyed pieces of chiffon to make scarves and T-shirts, which I give away to my mother, too. ”—Georgia May Jagger

Dylon permanent textile dye

Photo by the seller

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“My father always loved Kiehl’s. As long as I can remember, our bathrooms have been stocked with his products. My father uses the original body lotion. I like the body butter. I think of home when I use it. ”—Elisa Johnson

Kiehl's Creme de Corps soy milk honey whipped body butter

Photo: Courtesy the seller

Kiehl's Body Moisturizer body cream

* This article appears in the August 2, 2021 issue of new York Magazine.
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