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8 Brand New Bourbons You Should Try Today



8 New Bourbons To Try Today

The world has been crowded together for the past year, but bourbon producers have been busy creating new expressions and mixing them up.

Even producers that don’t regularly issue new bourbons are sometimes able to find the time to do so. George Dickel added a light, fruity Bourbon to his excellent Tennessee whiskey range, while Basil Hayden introduced its unique brown rice-laden bourbon. “Toast”Bottling is the first permanent addition to its product line since 2017.

Others labels, which tend to release new bourbons regularly, continued to produce new bottlings. Stalwart Evan Williams, a veteran of the small series, re-released his 1783 small-series to its original 90-proof strength. Bardstown Bourbon released not one, but two series, the fifth release for each series in its “Fusion”, and “Discovery”.

Although some of these bottlings were created during difficult times, many Bourbon Pours will be celebrating happier times this year. These are eight new Bourbons you should try.

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