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8 Swizzles you can try today



8 swizzles to try out today

Few cocktails are more refreshing and cooler than the Swizzle. This cocktail originated in the Caribbean, specifically West Indies. The use of crushed, cracked, or pebble ice (i.e. The swizzle is made with crushed, cracked or pebble ice (i.e. not in cubes). The original swizzlestick was made from Quararibea Turbinata twigs, which had forked branches. However, it’s now usually made from metal and plastic. You can make these refreshing cocktails at home using a bar spoon but the best results will be achieved when a swizzlestick is used.

These eight buzzers are worth a try once you have the tools and ice. For those who are unable to make the recipe in large quantities, it is a good idea to put them in jugs. These are delicious and they will disappear quickly.

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