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Alex Murdaugh hired a man to kill him for insurance money



Alex Murdaugh hired a man to kill him for insurance money

Curtis Edward Smith accused of shooting Murdaugh.
Photo: Uncredited / AP / Shutterstock

Alex Murdaugh, the prominent South Carolina attorney who was shot in the head last week – and whose own wife and son were murdered earlier this year – paid a former client to kill him to give his other son an insurance payment of $ 10 million. Curtis Edward Smith, a 61-year old former client, did not shoot Murdaugh in the head.

Smith, who admitted being present on the scene, as well as disposing of a firearm, was arrested and charged with several crimes, including assault, aiding in abetting, and assault of diverse kinds. Murdaugh is also likely to be charged.

Dick Harpootlian (another major South Carolina attorney who represented Murdaugh), said that Murdaugh was depressed and had developed an addiction to opioids over the murders of his relatives. Murdaugh quit his law firm the day Smith shot him. Harpootlian accused him of embezzling many millions of dollars of funds.

“That Saturday morning he tried to get off the opioids; He didn’t take any of these, was in a massive depression, realized things were going to get really, really bad, and decided to end his life, ”Harpootlian stated.

Murdaugh mistakenly believed his son would not be entitled to insurance money if he committed suicide.

Murdaugh was a South Carolina law heir in the Low Country. He found his wife and his son dead at their home in June. Questions remain as the case is still unsolved. Paul, his son, was being held on bail for a drunken boat accident that had killed one of his passengers two years prior to his death. A 2015 case in the same area was reopened by police. The Murdaugh family is not implicated in the crime.

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