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Andrew Cuomo will retire.



Where will Andrew Cuomo live after he retires?

Potential roommates beware: This is how it looks when Cuomo says, “Make yourself at Home.”
Photo: Angus Mordant / REUTERS

The double-edged sword of living in the governor’s residence can be a double-edged one: You live in a beautiful, rent-free home but you could become homeless if you do something horrible, such as sexually molestation of almost a dozen women. After announcing his resignation, Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, is still grappling with this issue. Cuomo has no place other than the Executive Mansion and will soon be living on $ 2 million of ill-advised COVID books and $ 50,000 per year in pension (which state lawmakers may overturn).

Cuomo stated, “Uh. I don’t know where I’m going,” when New York asked Cuomo about his future plans. “I’m not going away. I have a voice and a perspective. That won’t change. The details don’t matter to me. I am a New Yorker. I have lived here, in Queens, in the backcountry, and I’ve been all over the country. I moved to Washington. I don’t care about what I don’t do. I’ll find out. “I think I did the right things.

It is the ghost! While things might seem grim, affordable housing options are available for creative men who love New York and have a knack for nepotism. Here are some spots he could stop while he plans his next move.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was first diagnosed with COVID-19 in February 2020. He moved to their basement in Southampton, where he was able to isolate himself from his family. It is quite extravagant for a basement.

“Momma didn’t raise an armchair general within me.” Andrew Cuomo: “I won’t sit down in my basement.” – Andrew Cuomo provided some light-hearted shadows for Chris Cuomo, her little brother, at the end / KJ0gAPuwan

– Aaron Rupar (atrupar) March 31, 2020

Chris would love to see his ex-gubernatorial bro in his basement. However, Andrew also has advantages. His best job prospects seem to be as a cable news commentator, since CNN is already proficient in broadcasting from space.

Imagine it: Andrew Cuomo, a neurotic and disgraced former governor of New York City, and Bill de Blasio, a fun-loving New York City mayor, decide to live together. Although they have made it very clear that they don’t like each other, isn’t this the kind of couple that New Yorkers need to rebuild their city?

De Blasio is moving out at the close of the year. However, that shouldn’t pose a problem. Cuomo can either stay in Eric Adams’ basement apartment in Bed-Stuy, or help Curtis Sliwa make Gracie a shelter. Captain could be one these lucky dogs!

Curtis Sliwa contacted us to tell us that he was moving into Gracie Mansion, and converting it into a wildlife sanctuary. According to him, the home could house 60 cats and 12 dogs. This story has been updated.

Jen Carlson (@jenist), July 19, 2021

Andrew Cuomo is a lot like a Fast & Furious character. He likes cars but also cares about his family. What better way to unify those interests than to settle down under the Tappan-Zee Bridge which is owned by the governor. Cuomo was renamed in 2018 after his father and maybe even get away with it when he pretends to drive a campaign bus. Cuomo would just need to find a place to enjoy the nightly light show under the Gouverneur Mario M. Cuomo Brücke. The project cost $ 106 million to taxpayers.

America, happy birthday!

Tonight we shine in RED WHITE & BLUE

– Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (@GMMCB) July 4, 2021

In New York, there are 72 Taste NY locations. It is possible that there might be a home for the man who started these showcases to promote local food and drinks. Cuomo could be reemployed. What could be more delicious than Cagey Moon Company Wine and Slushie Mixes The former governor of New York sold wine and slushie mixes from the Cagey Moon Company to you.

Cuomo might be so happy just by moving into the Todd Hill Market Taste NY location on Taconic State Parkway.
Photo: Darren McGee / New York Governor’s Office

Why is this manifestation of the metaphorical mountain New Yorkers scaled in fighting COVID physical? Perhaps there is an answer.

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