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Apple employees don’t have to be before ’22. return to the office



Apple employees don't have to be before '22. return to the office

Photo: Greg Baker / AFP via Getty Images

Apple told its office workers Thursday that they won’t have to return to their desks until January 2022 at the earliest, which is the latest sign that the Delta variant has made the American business company’s planned return to normal, or at least a screwdriver “normal.”

“Data, not data, determine our approach to returning to the office,” it says in a message to employees.

Like many companies, Apple had originally planned a return in September when it looked like the pandemic would indeed come to an end. (Workers had to be in the office at least three days a week, a policy that created some setbacks.) The company then rescheduled that date to October. But with cases now hitting over 140,000 a day and breakthrough infections fairly common, the company turned again.

The announcement follows several other similar ones from large technology companies; Amazon, Facebook and Lyft have also postponed their plans to early next year. The tech companies were among the first to venture into the distance in the early days of the pandemic and are likely to lead other industries in terms of when to return.

Unlike Facebook and Google, Apple does not currently have a vaccination mandate for employees. Like the rest of the business world, tech companies have different approaches to this issue. Intel is offering its employees $ 250 if they get vaccinated.

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