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Biden’s Vaccination Mandat Smart Politics? “Civil War”What is the best way to get started?



Is Biden's Vaccination Mandate Smart Politics or “Civil War”?

Are they the next insurgents to the January 6 insurgents, or are they?
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September 9th, President Biden declared that vaccines were required for 2.1million federal employees and contractors. 17 million federal employees who received Medicare or Medicaid funding and 80 million workers in companies with more then 100 employees were also covered. Around 100 million Americans will soon face the choice of getting vaccinated, having weekly COVID-19 test or quitting their jobs.

The immediate response of the Republican party was unsurprising and was largely prompt. The Republican National Committee, along with at least four GOP governors (Ron DeSantis in Florida, Brian Kemp in Georgia, Henry McMasters of South Carolina, Kristi Noem out South Dakota), threatened to bring lawsuits to stop mandates being applied. Some conservative opinion leaders called for non-compliance and Fox News’s personalities were furious (“BIDEN DELIVERS WAR ON MILLIONS AMERICANS”) read a Chyron. JD Vance from Ohio, a well-known Republican Senate candidate, called for “massive Civil Disobedience” once the mandate is in effect.

You can be sure that “I’ll meet you in court” is a familiar response from governors who used to focus on stopping any attempts in their states to obtain vaccines or masks. Vance is desperate to outwit the main MAGA opponents who have so far eaten his lunch.

However, there is a desire to be on the side of the people and fight for the issue. This reminds me of the dynamic of culture war issues, such as abortion or racial discrimination. A report by Axios’ Mike Allen, provocatively headed America’s Civil War 2021, quotes a Republican congressional official who said, “Every Republican, especially those who won the primaries, salutes Joe Biden.” [igniting]The wax debate. ”But Allen also quotes someone“ close to Biden ”saying,“ Is America divided? Yes sir. “Yes sir.

According to polls, there is strong partisan polarization around vaccine mandates. The ABC-Washington Post published a poll earlier in the week showing that this result was true. “about 8 in 10 Democrats support vaccination mandates for workers, while more than 6 in 10 Republicans oppose it. Independent activists are almost split in the middle. ”It is likely that conservative activists are more likely to vote in the Republican primaries than the one-to-one margin Allen’s pro-Biden source stated. This could be because mandates have been promoted by conservative media and opportunists, such as Vance, with greater intensity. Although vaccine mandate support is not as high as the three-to-1 margin Allen’s pro Biden source claimed, public opinion has changed from a modestly negative to a substantial positive benefit since Delta Number is still undecided.

Proponents of the mandate point out that there is a growing anger towards those who are not vaccinated. They are blamed for the failure to defeat COVID-19 at the national level and are in danger of becoming infected, despite taking preventive measures. Larry Elder was one of the people who persuaded California Governor Gavin Newsom, to include his opposition to vaccination mandates as part of his fight against recall campaigns. Ron Brownstein interviewed him about this:

“People were right to freak out about the Delta variant. They are angry at people who refuse to be vaccinated and extremely angry at leaders who allow antivaxxers to put everyone else at risk, ”Nathan Click, the spokesperson for anti-recall campaigns said. They see what’s happening in Texas and Florida and don’t want it to happen.

Democrats also know that among the fearful and angry vaccinated are a large number of college graduates and seniors who are more likely to vote in elections other than presidential elections, such as the recall of California and next year’s midterm elections. It is impossible to predict that everyone vaccinated would accept mandates. This is why Biden’s predictions of a 75-25 win are incorrect. However, it is reasonable for Democrats to believe that this is a smart policy for a president who prefers to talk about fighting COVID-19 to fighting the Taliban and democrats fighting each others over his domestic agenda.

A question that I am asking is whether Republican leaders and poles, in their rush for the God-given right of Americans to infect other people with deadly diseases, are at risk to unleash dark and destructive forces. . Vance and other people started talking about it. “massive civil disobedience”Or promising non-compliance they brought up insurgent language of the 6th. He smells teargas in the air and joins calls to a rebellion. Joe Biden and his party would not be helped in the medium-term if this were not a referendum about the first two years, but rather a referendum of those who continue to question the legitimacy of the current White House resident.

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