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Bolt added wellness days to ecommerce company last August



Why ecommerce startup Bolt added wellness days last August

Bolt’s employees had “wellness days”It was on Mondays preceding Labor Day, last August. Bolt vice president Tom Berger stated that the move was meant to help the company address possible burnouts.

“As a tech startup, we know that one of our biggest risks is burning out the team,”Berger. “Wellness days are offered to reduce burnout and allow employees to take some time off.”

Bolt is among many companies that provide new perks and leave time to help employees not feel exhausted or demoralized. In light of the constant stress from the Covid 19 variants, and the uncertainty due the ongoing pandemic, and the usual burdens of the 4th, Bolt offers new perks and time off.

Bolt was the first company to offer three consecutive Mondays prior to Labor Day. Berger hopes to expand the number of spa days offered throughout the year for employees to help them as the initiative has been very well received.

Bolt decided to give employees a day off instead of giving them extra PTO days. This was so that everyone could enjoy the day. Berger said, “When everyone is free everyone can recharge.” “If everyone isn’t gone, you still get the Slack messages, emails, and the like. It’s a way for everyone take some time.

Ian Leslie, Senior Director, Retail Advocacy, Bolt, used the opportunity to attend the wellness days. He said that taking your time helps people relieve stress. “take time to withdraw” and that for the team, “this Wellness days “are really important.”

According to Christie Cordes, advertising agency Christie Cordes, businesses are more likely to retain long-term relationships if they can find ways to give employees extra time or offer other perks to help them manage their burnout symptoms.

“It definitely helps with the bond. By recognizing and meeting employees where they are instead of asking them to ask [for time off] is kindness that people expect from employers, ”Cordes said. “Most people experience some form of grief in this pandemic. It is important to recognize that grief cannot be fought. [It’s]It is a great step towards creating the environment for care that so many people are looking for.

Bolt also offers classes in meditation and yoga, along with classes on compassion and leadership. “We set up these to give employees a break from daily meetings,”Berger said that the company’s wellness and courses help them return to work with renewed energy.

‘One of our biggest risks is burning out the team’: Why e-commerce startup Bolt added wellness days this past August

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