Check out Lorde’s new music video, ‘Solar Power’

So, that breakneck post Lorde posted three days ago, heavily warning of upcoming new music, wasn’t just a bum. Her first new music in four years came in the form of “Solar Power”, a summer single that is happily confident about being a summer single like few of the last summer singles before it. She’s actually messianic when it comes to bringing a pop solstice.

She has the cheekiest lyric to say: “Take the boys and girls to the beaches / Come in, come everyone, I’ll tell you my secrets / I’m kind of like a prettier Jesus.” Indeed, the video staged by Joel Kefali and Ella Yelich-O’Connor posits Lorde almost as the leader of a happy hippie solstice cult – almost a benevolent version of “Midsommar” – in which none of their followers seem to mind that peg her in muted pastels while she blooms in a bold yellow two-piece. (To be Jesus has its privileges!)

“Solar Power” will surely throw sunshine into the lives of most of the fans who have been waiting many solstices for new music. And as the follow-up to the great (and now possibly faintly remembered) “Melodrama” album released four years ago this week, it’s about as radical a journey from darkness to pure light as Taylor Swift’s colorful one “Lover” songs after the dark, “Reputation” (to review other Jack Antonoff productions).

However, is it a case of “make them want more”? After most of the song takes place on a gently tinkling acoustic guitar, the beat only starts after more than two minutes in a nearly three-minute song, on which we have already finished with verses and choruses and on a coda in “Let the Sunshine In” – Style (for everyone out there old enough to be a “hair” head). It feels more like an intro to their upcoming album (the name and release date of which remains a mystery) than what we’ll likely consider main courses or choruses. But Lorde undoubtedly has more far-reaching tracks that have to feed us and that should last even after the dancing, raft-building boys of summer have ended.

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