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Citrus fruits, Sicily and loads of CBD! – Try Tribe’s CBD Limoncello Recipe



Citrus fruits, Sicily and loads of CBD! - Try Tribe's CBD Limoncello Recipe

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You don’t have to fly to Sorrento to try a bottle of luxurious limoncello. Even if you have no experience distilling spirits, screwing up this citrus-like recipe is quite difficult. As long as you have sugar, vodka, and of course lemons, it’s surprisingly easy to make this Italian delicacy.

Plus, after you’ve made your DIY limoncello, you can easily add some Tribe CBD oil for extra serenity. We’re sure Italians know that CBD makes La Dolce Vita even more Dolce!

CBD Limoncello Recipe

Since lemons play the main role in limoncello, you don’t want to skimp on inferior fruit. If possible, take the time to scan the freshness of lemons in your grocery store. Trust us; It’s worth buying a batch of high quality, certified organic lemons.

Unfortunately, non-organic citrus fruits often have a lot of pesticide residue on their peel. So once you add lemon peel to your vodka, the alcohol pulls all of these nasty impurities into your final product – and nobody wants that!

Even if you buy organic lemons, please don’t forget to wash them thoroughly before adding them to your alcohol. If you are extra concerned about pesticide exposure to your products, you can also look for vinegar baths.


  • Three organic lemons
  • 8 ounces of vodka (at least 40 percent)
  • ½ cup of white sugar
  • ½ cup of water
  • ½ drop of Tribe CBD oil


  • Wash and dry lemons
  • Peel or rub the peel of your lemons
  • Mix lemon peel with vodka in a mason jar and close the seal
  • Store the lemon infusion in a cool, dark place for between four days and a month
  • When the infusion is ready, mix the water and sugar in a saucepan over low heat
  • Keep stirring the water until the sugar has dissolved
  • Remove the sugar water from the stove and let it cool down
  • Pour the lemon infusion through a fine-mesh sieve into a glass bottle with an airtight lid
  • Put the sugar water in the glass bottle
  • Close the lid and shake the mixture
  • Store limoncello in the refrigerator for about a month
  • Add Tribe CBD oil when serving your limoncello

In general, the higher the alcohol percentage, the more authentic your limoncello will be. While you could get away with 40 percent vodka, you will enjoy a more intense “lemon” flavor if you use 80 percent or more. If you could find grain alcohol closer to 100 percent alcohol, even better!

Also, when preparing your lemon peel, be careful not to cut off too much of the white skin. If you cut deeper into the peel of the lemon, you will get more astringent notes. However, you can easily adjust the sweet and sour ratio by adding extra sugar water to your final recipe.

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