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CNN’s Chris Cuomo denied being an “advisor”, to Andrew Cuomo



CNN's Chris Cuomo denies being an "advisor" to Andrew Cuomo

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Chris Cuomo, CNN host, defended his actions on his first appearance after Andrew Cuomo, his brother, resigned as governor of New York. He also offered advice to his sibling who has been subject to multiple sexual harassment allegations and other scandals within his administration. Cuomo said, “My position is unchanged.” “I have never misled anyone about what information I have provided or didn’t provide in this program.”

Cuomo, who was on his birthday vacation just days before his brother resigned, also claimed that he wasn’t an advisor to his brother. According to Letitia Jams, New York attorney general, this contradicts the report of Andrew Cuomo on the alleged harassment. It states that Cuomo is having “regular talks” with his brother as well as others from outside Albany County about how to address the crisis. Cuomo said that he wasn’t a consultant, but a brother who was “there for me to listen and offer my opinion”. Cuomo then explained how he advised him brother. “My advice to my brother was simple and consistent. Own what you’ve done. Tell people what you are going to do to get better. Be contrite. Finally, accept that it doesn’t matter what you intended, but how your actions and words were perceived. ”He said that he“ urged ”His brother“ to step back when the time came ”.

Chris Cuomo addressed his brother’s resignation by saying, “I never covered the problems of my brother because I clearly had a problem.” Although he does not regret advising Andrew, he admits that he was a consultant. He also says that he forced Andrew to resign.

Aaron Rupar (atrupar), August 17, 20,21

James’ report confirms Chris Cuomo spoke to advisors and asked for “repentance” from the governor. However, Cuomo appeared to have also written a statement in support of his brother. It reads: “Sometimes… I am playful. And do.” Jokes ”contained allegations of sexual harassment against Charlotte Bennett in February. The Washington Post previously reported that CNN host Joe Jokes asked his brother not resignation as alleged victims came forward. He also told him not to surrender to the accusations, citing “culture breakdown” as an argument. CNN stated that Cuomo had “discussions that involved governor personnel” in May. Chris acknowledges this.

Some CNN hosts may have thought that the appearance of his brother on CNN at the beginning of the pandemic presented a conflict. However, Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing. Cuomo said, “I stated last year that his visits to this show would be fleeting.” “And they were. “And they were.

The younger Cuomo has a point. Their last public appearance was May 21, 2020. He made fun of his brother’s nose size by suggesting that you would need a strangely large cotton swab in order to perform a test on him. However, the pre-scandal claim may not stand: Governor Cuomo claimed that Dr. Elizabeth Dufort gave him a COVID test four days before their last appearance together. Dufort said that Cuomo made this dress look great. According to the attorney general’s report Dufort stated that Cuomo made a joke that was “implicitly homosexual in nature” and that he had not made it by an experienced doctor who was a male.

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