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Cuomo shows that he will never change in the final address



Cuomo shows that he will never change in the final address

He puts the “I” in obtrusiveness.
Photo: Governor Cuomo’s office

Andrew Cuomo had one last chance to take responsibility as governor. For the sexual harassment, for the deaths in nursing homes, for the way he used government funds on his COVID-19 reminders. He turned it down in his pre-recorded farewell speech on Monday and instead opted to polish up his reputation and take one final shot at the New York City Mayor.

There will be “another time to speak about the truth and ethics of the recent situation,” he threatened, adding, “The attorney general’s report was designed as a political fireworks on a hot topic and it worked. There has been a political and media rush. ”People will call this speech Trumpian for lack of remorse, but it’s too easy. Trump did not invent the abuse of power. The former president isn’t the only political egomaniac, either.

Indeed, Cuomo’s trajectory tells a very old story. Born to privilege, he saw political power as his birthright and exercised it with the confidence of a man who never questioned his own suitability for the role. Even now, with his career in tatters, he exudes hubris. On Monday he railed for a while and railed against the activists’ demands to disappoint the police. We should reform the police, he said uselessly. We need to address income inequality without “ending” income, whatever that means. And Eric Adams will bring “competence” to the position of New York City Mayor, he said, an obvious attack on his great enemy Bill de Blasio.

Cuomo sought to establish himself as a progressive hero on his way out of office, showing off acts like his decision to sign marriages equality as if they could compensate for his mistakes. He gave a graciously short talk on how to properly deal with COVID-19, as if his new successor, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, not only needed the advice but accepted it from a man whose approach to the crisis helped create a Conduct impeachment investigation. “We cannot go back to the old days,” he intoned as “the government talked” and “debated” and issued press releases full of promises. People need action.

But presumably they also need right action, and in that regard Cuomo has always been absent. Regardless of the cuomosexuals’ fantasies, the governor’s record is inconsistent at best, his progressive bona fide question being a matter of branding rather than reality. His aggressive nature and ability to project competence long made him popular; A three-term governor, he fought effortlessly against the challenges posed by the left. Now everyone sees what his challengers understood to be true: Cuomo has nothing but malice and rumble. His ideology, if he has one at all, is a kind of banal centrism driven by self-interest. He served the state poorly at a moment of great crisis, and this aggressive stance was never just an example of “New York toughness” in action. It lend itself to abuse and misconduct in the workplace with foreseeable ease.

As of Monday, it was not clear whether Cuomo thought he owed the state. His aides certainly didn’t seem to think so:

Maybe the last quote I get from @RichAzzopardi as Cuomos Gouverneursspox.

I called to ask when Cuomo took up his taped comments today and when he will be filing his resignation letter.

Rich said, “Literally talk to everyone else. I’m out of here.”

– Marina Villeneuve (@ReporterMarina) August 23, 2021

There were no excuses, no explanations. Just a perverse denial of the facts as we know them to be true as detailed by Attorney General Letitia James and the women who accused him. There will never be anything else. Andrew Cuomo will never change. He threw his sins on his state, just as he dumped his dog in his old mansion. His former spokeswoman Melissa DeRosa said Monday he had no plans to run for office again; it’s hard to believe. People like Andrew Cuomo don’t learn and don’t develop any further. So he is who he always will be. He longs for the spotlight, and as he has made it clear, he believes he has done nothing wrong.

Andrew Cuomo is probably not done with us yet. But we can deal with it. He understood one thing halfway correctly in his address today: We cannot go back to the old days. The state needs substance, not attitude; Progress, not the status quo. Banish Cuomo in the outer darkness, where he belongs. And for God’s sake someone adopts their dog. (Just not Curtis Sliwa.)

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