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Did spacemen or people with ramps build the pyramids?



Did spacemen or people with ramps build the pyramids?

Scholars generally believe that the ancient Egyptians built pyramids, those mysterious monuments of immense labor, using mud ramps supported by adobe bricks. After all, pyramid stones are heavy: an average of two and a half tons each. A beautiful towable slope could explain how, if not exactly why, people are stacking millions of them in the sky without cranes or burning. Elon Musk is one of the skeptics (“Aliens built the pyramids obv.”, He tweeted last year), along with Roger Larsen, a former newspaper editor in Columbus, Mississippi. While not a conspiracy theorist, Larsen likes to say that if he had a choice between explaining ramps or aliens, “I would have to go with aliens,” noting that an eight percent incline would have to go to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza be more than a mile long, its volume could exceed that of the pyramid itself. And where did all the rubble go after the demolition?

Like many amateur Egyptologists, Larsen, the woodworker before starting Mississippi’s best-selling weekly, the Columbus Packet, has his own construction theories nurtured over hundreds, if not thousands of hours of reading and tinkering, and he has come this far to construct a homemade device that he believes could have done the job by allowing lifting instead of pulling. Resembling a mashup of a giant wooden rowing machine and catapult, it uses technologies he believes are depicted on the walls of Abydos – notched djed pillars and knots from Isis to handle the stretch in the many threads of required ropes . It is located in Lowndes County on a cliff of so-called Selma chalk, or soft limestone, owned by Larsen’s friend Leon.

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