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Elder admits defeat and claims fraud before election day



Elder admits defeat and claims fraud before election day

Elder jumps with the gun.
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It was widely expected that if California Gavin Newsom made a recall attempt after the polls ended on the 14th, your Lord and Master Donald Trump has after all “predicted” a “rigged” election. This election is being run by a democratically-controlled state that widely uses postal ballot (which Trump and other Republicans consider suspicious unless they work to their advantage), The Big Lie demands you to challenge the legality or fairness of a lost election.

But California Republican Larry Elder, the talk show host who heads most of the polls in the replacement contest that will appoint the new governor if a majority of voters decide to remove Newsom in a separate vote, is not waiting for the actual results and concede defeat then accuse of fraud, as reported by NBC News:

Republican Larry Elder on Monday appealed to his supporters to use an online fraud report claiming to have “discovered fraud” in the “results” of the California recall, “which resulted in Governor Gavin Newsom was reinstated as governor ”.

But the problem was that on Monday, even though Elder’s campaign page link was live, the election had not yet taken place. The results weren’t published. Elder was still trying to replace Newsom.

This bold, even if premature, series of allegations was made on a website called “Fighting Election Fraud California,” which was “paid for” by the Larry Elder Ballot Measure Committee Recall Newsom Committee. Website claims that Benford’s Law was the primary analytical tool used in fraud allegations. This is a statistical theorem which involves the probability of certain numbers being displayed randomly. Anyone who has read the Big Lie will be familiar with it. Law experts from Benford have repeatedly opposed the use of this to “prove” election fraud. Elder’s campaign is concerned with conspiratorial conspiracy theories that claim election results can reflect fraud it doesn’t have evidence for. Elder’s aides also express confidence in Newsom’s removal from office. It’s a classic head I-win, lose-you-lose attitude. This is the same as what Trump said prior, during, and following the 2020 election.

Although we may have known in the early hours on September 15th that the recall was unsuccessful when “No” leads by wide margins, legitimate ballots will still be counted even if they aren’t received by polling officials before September 21st. The results currently available are quite remarkable. Fraud allegations that have not been proven are very fraudulent.

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