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Employers are being forced to get vaccines from more and more companies



More and more companies have to make vaccines mandatory for workers

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Companies are now being more strict about their vaccination policies as America faces an increase in COVIDs due to the Delta variant. Kara Swisher and Stephanie Ruhle, the guest podcast host, discuss how companies are responding to the virus.

Kara Swisher: Hello everybody. This is Pivot, a Pivot Magazine and Vox Media Podcast Network. Kara Swisher. Scott Galloway is available throughout August. Today, I’m accompanied by Stephanie Ruhle (NBC News senior business correspondent and MSNBC presenter), who is also our friend. Welcome, Stephanie.

Stephanie Rühle:Many thanks. It was nice to be there. Scott, how about a month? Are you serious?

SwisherHe thinks that he’s European. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Rühle:He lives in Florida. This is far from Europe.

Swisher Your choice was obvious because you are such a good match. I look for new partners to help Scott in the event of an unfortunate situation that could occur to him. I try to be open-minded and find people I can get along with, who I am talking too, and of course, who I love to laugh at.

Rühle:Wait, are you sure we get each other’s thoughts?

SwisherYes. Yes. We get along well, I believe.

Rühle:Because I’m just as agreeable as you.

Swisher No you don’t, no you don’t.

Good. It’s time for the big story. The latest trend in America’s is the introduction of vaccine mandates. Walmart, Disney and Google require that all employees are vaccinated before they can work. Walmart and Disney are two major private employers in the United States. Here’s a list with vaccine-related companies: Netflix and Saks Fifth Avenue, BlackRock and Goldman Sachs. Delta and United Airlines are new hires only…. Morgan Stanley, Washington Post. Lyft. Uber. Twitter. What do YOU think? This applies to all employees. Ticket holders for Broadway shows and restaurants must show proof of vaccination. Stephanie, will this work?

Rühle:Does it matter if it causes backlash? They should, damn it. Right? You could say, “Watch the protesters” every day in France if you turned on the TV. Is there a thousand demonstrators or 10,000 demonstrators? Nearly 4 million French citizens were vaccinated within the first week after Emmanuel Macron implemented the rule. It worked out. I am angry, because despite all the talk American corporations make about us wanting the right thing, being leaders in social justice and writing letters to the right of vote, they can do some here to help their country protect its lands workers and repay the government that just bail out trillions of dollars worth of small and large businesses. Do your part. This is a huge carrot for corporations. Anti-vaxxers will always be there, right? But in the middle of it all are all these people, and especially young people who say: “I am healthy. It is not really what I need.

You can tell that person “Well, it’s not possible to go to work. It’s impossible to go to a pub. It’s difficult to go to the gym. And you cant go on your favorite sporting event.” They “They’re going outside and getting vaccinated.” It’s a shortsighted and self-centered company, I believe. When we got the vaccines, we heard that anyone who was fully vaccinated could go into this store without wearing a mask. When was the last time you asked about your vaccination status as you entered a store? When I go into a store and see people wearing masks, it doesn’t seem like they are not vaccinated. More likely, they are extra vigilant.

This will be next-generation vaccines. You will see more companies doing this if vaccines are approved from an emergency to a full approval.

Swisher: We tried incentives. You can get cash rewards, tickets to events, or free time. I was talking to American’s chief executive – they offered extra vacation days for current employees. What would you argue that they should be done? I said, “I don’t think I’ll be flying American Airlines if I don’t know if all of your people are vaccinated. Let me be truthful with you: I don’t think so.

Rühle:I think the argument that you cannot make people sick is absurd. Even though I dislike vaccinations, I was able to accompany my five-year old son to kindergarten the first day. My other option, if he didn’t have his vaccines, was to send him home. We, of course, we, boom, I’m going get my children vaccinated. It’s crazy. Businesses get short-sighted. They say: “I don’t want to make this difficult decision. I don’t want to face the backlash. I don’t want to lose any customers. ”What are you waiting for? We will never be able to get rid of COVID if we don’t do meaningful things. It is essential to ensure your business thrives over the long-term.

Camila Salazar creates Pivot.

This transcript was edited to be more concise and clear.

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