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Every USA team wins at the Tokyo Olympics



Every USA team wins the Tokyo Olympics

Team USA wins! At the Tokyo Olympics, many medals went to American athletes who wore Stars and Stripes.

The Summer Games began Friday, July 23rd with Olympians from Japan. Sue BirdAnd Eddy AlvarezAt the opening ceremony, the flag was held by the flag bearer. The basketball player aged 40 had already won four Olympic gold medals before the 2020 Games. These were delayed for one year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Alvarez, 31 years old, is part of the US baseball team at the Tokyo Games. However, the Miami Marlins’ infielder for the Miami Marlins won a silver medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics as a short track speed skating competitor.

These two athletes, along with their American counterparts, are expected to receive even more bling at the Summer Games. With nearly 3,000 pieces, the United States has the most medals at the Olympics.

Be the first to be crowned this year Katie LedeckyShe won silver in Monday’s women’s 400m freestyle. She was also the fastest competitor in the competition’s history, clocking 3: 57.36.

After the medals are won in Tokyo, athletes can enjoy their favorite cheat meals. Married foil fencers Lee jawAnd Gerek MeinhardtAfter participating in the competitions this season, they will be able to indulge their fast-food cravings.

Meinhardt, who is 30, said that Tokyo will have more than one cheat-day. He spoke exclusively to Us Weekly before he traveled to Japan with his wife, 27-year-old.

Kiefer, a medical student, was among the first gold medalists to receive her hardware on Monday, July 26th.

Team USA is without their spouses or other family members in Japan. Paralympists and Olympians cannot be present at the Games due to the pandemic. This means that their loved ones have to go – for many, this was a difficult hurdle to overcome. Paralympic and seated volleyball star Kaleo Kanahele MaclayShe spends the longest time in Tokyo alone with her son Duke, 3.

The 25-year old Oklahoman native said before the games that it was a huge sacrifice to leave him. “We’ll be gone for about three weeks. It’s been the longest time that I have been away from him. But, I am really excited. He’ll love it, both on TV and here on the stage. It’s going be great.

You can watch the Tokyo Olympics live on NBC. Scroll down to see all medals for Team USA.

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