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I slept with my ex boyfriend’s best buddy and I think he should know the truth



I slept with my ex boyfriend's best buddy and I think he should know the truth

LOVE DEIDRE: I sleep with my ex boyfriend’s best buddy and I think he should know the truth.

My boyfriend of two years recently broke up with me.


My ex-boyfriend should know the truth about his best buddy and me

We’re both 18 years old and we’ve always had a relationship. But this time it’s really over.

During one of our breaks, his best friend, who is 19 years old, checked in on social media.

He drove by late one night. We had sex and I still feel guilty.

Even though we’re not together, my ex should know that his boyfriend cheated on him and is not actually a partner.

Should i tell him?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Avoid the temptation to tell your ex.

It might make you feel better, but it will hurt him – and his friend might deny it and upset you too.

If you need to get this guilt off your chest, tell a trusted friend or relative instead.

My Support Pack Do you feel guilty? should help.

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