“I’m 23 and I’m dating a 60-year-old – trolls ruin their mature looks, but I love them”

A 23-year-old man who claims to be with a woman in his sixties has repulsed cruel trolls who mocked her “wrinkled” face.

In a TikTok video, Leo @ ttvleolove_3 kisses girlfriend Cheryl on the sofa, despite those who say their relationship is “weird” and “wrong”.

The clip was viewed 50,000+ times in a matter of hours and people flooded the comment section with their thoughts.

A troll shot: “That seems wrong.”

“He wasn’t even born when she was around 30, that’s just strange,” commented another reviewer.

Claiming the relationship was a ruse to get noticed on social media, someone else wrote, “I’m sorry I can’t believe it … that’s all for clout and money.”

The couple showed up kissing on the sofa

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Another user defended the couple, writing, “How cute, just because she’s way older than him doesn’t mean she’s obviously happy.”

“I like you both, love is not about age,” said another.

The couple started out making TikTok dance videos together in a supermarket and it appears that their friendship turned into a romance.

In a joint clip, the couple reveals “our story” and Leo tells how they met.

Leo then says, “I first met Cheryl when I got my first job at Dairy Queen and her son was the store manager and Cheryl came by the whole time in that baby blue Camaro, it looked so beautiful.

The couple celebrated viral success with their dance videos

The couple celebrated viral success with their dance videos

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“She came in and socialized. Later, years went by, she was at the gas station doing a TikTok and she didn’t want to do any more TikToks when I met her …”

He added, “When I said she had 8,000 likes, she killed it. I said, ‘Cheryl, this is your thing, your first time getting 8,000 likes. “

“So I told her she was going to keep these videos,” he continues, “and we started making videos and she went viral.”

He also said Cheryl was “great” and that he loved her “energy” as a couple.

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