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We can make it work

The script is complete.

Sorry that you were so focused on the show when it was almost finished.

The good news? We can use our creative side to make it work.

Grant has some other commitments that may cause scheduling problems, but we think it is possible if Grant really wants us to do so.

He would be flown in and out by the show. Nocturnal. Because of his family problems, his time can be precious.

He isn’t with the family. He’s in Vegas. They’re not. However, it does clear his mind to be part of it. How about the girls? What about gambling and other such things?

This is the schedule. You also have the money.

Grant hopes to make the work of Grant more creative. It is possible to resolve the scheduling issues. We need to make money for this. We know that there are other offers. We don’t want the apple cart to be overturned so we need only 10 beneficiary countries.

We want it. Grant wants. Grant is interested in the script. Grant was also sent a note by the guys.

This is fantastic. Because the agency wants it work. Grant’s manager. I also want it to be successful.

Credit? We know that the guys intend to end credits. Grant is an artist from the main titles. We must get this working somehow.

The credits have been approved by other actors so it is possible to include Grant’s name in the show’s title. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the first thing in the title. However, something like “Grant’s Shenandoah Charade” could make it a success. They also let us know if you have any other methods of skinning that pony.

Grant’s creativity commitment is the north star of our team. We want to do it in this regard, as I stated.

He has the script and is ready for action.

He keeps notes.

They can usually be solved “in the morning” by being chewed into small bites within the first two hours. His gift for creativity is another. This is what the guys should prepare for.

There are two things that we need to know before we can get started with the schedule, money, or credit stuff.

First, Grant’s role in the episode is not shown until episode 10. We are not concerned about the part’s size, but the fact that it is currently being written will see it die in episode 11.

Could there be a way for the series to hint at this in order to make the role more attractive? The idea is that Grant be impaled in the heart, and then Morgan walk around the set like Morgan in season 2.

What can we do?

The second question is, can he die? It is possible that viewers (read: audience) may think that he dies in Episode 11, but we only see him taking out the spear and sewn himself at the end.

Please let me know when you guys are able to fly to Tanzania to have a quick jam session and tune Grant’s character arc.

After we have completed the business, we can set up this meeting.

He’ll then read the script.He’ll then read the script. ♦

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