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I’ve signed up for too many webinars – that’s my story



I've signed up for too many webinars - that's my story

In the early days of the pandemic, I spent a lot of time at home looking for something to do. I started receiving invitations to inexpensive or free webinars. To stay productive, I signed up to a lot of them. I didn’t know that the many informative webinars I attended would leave me broke, filled with knowledge, and embarrassed.

It seems like yesterday that I attended my first webinar. It was a workshop related to my job as beanbag tester at Worldwide Beanbag Company. I was able acquire new skills and communicate with others, all while sitting in my large beanbag at the house. PowerPoint was a course in which I created diagrams, graphics, and photos. A handout was even sent by the moderator. I was hooked.

I was hooked as webinar invitations kept coming in to my inbox. I couldn’t miss the chance to learn something that would change my life. Every invitation said that I needed to reserve my spot immediately, as this was my “LAST CHANCE”. While I sit on beanbag chairs most of the time, I was able to attend webinars about hard cheeses, doll-making and weight lifting.

I was always devastated when I couldn’t make it to a webinar. Imagine the joy that I felt when I found out that most webinars were recorded so that I could watch them whenever I wanted. My professional growth in the beanbag industry was now unlimited. My personal passion for cheese and dolls was also fulfilled.

So I thought.

My life was quickly taken over by webinar FOMO. I watched webinars all day and tried to continue my job by testing beanbags until the early hours of the morning. My testing skills were deteriorating and I was tired. Something had to give. Fear drove me to quit my job at beanbag testing and to devote my time to webinars full-time in my quest to fulfill my webinar dream.

I was relieved to sign up for the webinar following the webinar. Three-part series about cheese dips. “Yum!” I agreed and signed up right away.

To find out more, I used my beansbag test savings to hire others to view the webinars for me. I scanned the spreadsheet every morning to see what their notes were. I regretted not being able to see certain workshops, such as “Living in a Cheese Cave: Problems and Opportunities”, but at least I was introduced to the concepts. My team and me watched webinars 24 hours a day, took notes and added them to the spreadsheet. There were too many webinars and not enough time.

We gasped, our fingers flitting across the keyboards, “Learning, Growing, Lifelong Learning Never Stops – Always Growing”

My webinar house of cards crashed. My eyes tightened. My bank account was being debited by webinar registration fees, payroll and the fact that I hadn’t mopped my own kitchen for months. My credit cards were used to purchase a cheese-making lab coat, and accessories for one year. I only used them once. Worse, all the webinar information became confusing. Would I have learned how to pull-up a cheddar quark benchpress pull-up? It seemed odd, but it was hard to discern.

The money ran out. So, with regret, I fired my team and watched my last webinar, “Doll Cheese: Strength Training”. Perhaps it was Strength Training: Dolls. I don’t know. I don’t know. Since then I’ve tried to get my old gig back as a beanbag and get out the mess I created with webinars.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was embarking on a journey that would completely change my life. Instead of spending my time taking classes, I could have eaten ripe goat cheese, thought about lifting weights and used my beanbag assessment skills to my advantage.

You shouldn’t make the same mistake that I did – don’t wait to be invited to a webinar.

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