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Jeanine Mason Teases Roswell, New Mexico’s Season Three Time Jump – E! On-line



Jeanine Mason Teases Roswell, New Mexico's Season Three Time Jump - E! On-line

Much has changed since Roswell, New Mexico last aired.

There was a global pandemic, a presidential election, a few billionaires spent about 10 minutes in space, and the United States government confirmed the existence of UFOs. Sure, they call them “unidentified aerial phenomena,” but the bottom line remains the same: there are probably aliens out there.

“It just made me laugh,” Roswell star Jeanine Mason says E! News of their reaction to the news. “My castmates and I just laughed and said, ‘WB’s PR budget has gone through the roof this year!’ I’m just so impressed. Nice job, team! ”

In fact, the cast is hoping that their devotion to aliens in the form of their Alien TV show could help them when the time comes.

“I mean, that’s why we’re all here. We love it,” says Mason. “Whenever something comes up, we all write to ourselves like: ‘It happens! It happens! Maybe they come to us first!'”

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