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Kriti Sanon, a pregnant woman, needed a belly of 5kg in Mimi. “She ran around like an tomboy.”



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Surrogacy is a difficult subject for a mainstream movie – it’s a balance between the demands of what many perceive as “womb rental” and entertainment at the same time. Of Mimi’s trailer, it seems that the film has managed to walk the tightrope. Director Laxman Utekar describes the film as “an emotional journey” for its main characters Mimi (Crit) and Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi). He promises that the film will not try to break any taboos surrounding surrogacy. “This film is an emotional journey between two mothers and Bhanu. We don’t try to break a taboo. It is a story that is told in a very humorous way. But it explains surrogacy in simple language, ”the director told

Opinions slightly different from director Kriti, who plays the title role, believes the film can educate people in small towns about the concept: “I think it can help educate the masses and break taboos in small towns where people don’t Have no idea about surrogacy, just like in the film, Mimi had no idea, but she is raised by Pankaj Tripathi’s character Bhanu. “

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“Films have a lot of power to change mindsets and bring about change in society. It encourages people to start a conversation about topics that we don’t want to talk about or don’t want to talk about enough. If this is done in a fun way, it makes an impact, which is more important, ”she continued, adding that Mimi“ has a different message that will affect you more ”.

I say Kriti plays the character of Mimi in the film, who in the end becomes a surrogate mother for a couple in order to fulfill her dream of becoming an actor. The actress, who made her Bollywood debut with Heropanti, called Mimi the most difficult role of her career to date.

Kriti Sanon as and in Mimi. (Photo: Kriti Sanon / Instagram)

“I’ve always split the movie in two – a happy schedule and a sad schedule. The first schedule was easier because I only had to record the accent and mannerism, but on the second schedule I had to gain 50 pounds to look pregnant off the face. Not exercising at all, stuffing myself even when I wasn’t hungry, and eating all sorts of oily foods caused nausea. That was a little trip. “

It also affected her emotionally: “It was also difficult to understand a mother’s psyche, especially when she isn’t ready to be one. She (Mimi) had so many dreams and wanted to be an actress. She believed in her dream, which is why she ends up becoming a surrogate mother to make her dreams come true. When she becomes pregnant, her behavior and journey change. So the second schedule was difficult for me both emotionally and physically. But I was so passionate and obsessed with the movie and the character that it all felt satisfactory. It finally paid off, ”said Kriti.

The director said he and the team did a lot of research on Mimi’s subject matter and character. “It (the film) is about a girl full of life and dreams. But her life changes when she decides to become a surrogate mother. So we also had to work on your state of mind because without knowing the pain, the process of how you feel during pregnancy, the mental changes you go through, it wouldn’t have been convincing on screen. We made three different bellies for Mimi (based on Kriti). Normally a baby weighs around 2-2.5 kg, for Mimi we had to make a 5-6 kg belly because she walked like a tomboy with 2 kg ”, Utekar laughed when he remembered.

Kriti explained Utekar’s point: “We usually use a foam belly in films, which is lighter. I had a choice. But I wanted them to give me 5kg belly because I wanted to feel that weight while walking. It was helpful (to get the mannerism) but very exhausting. “

But Kriti’s move made Utekar proud. “She could feel the pressure, the pain of the character. When I see the trailer I can see that it has been translated so well. “

Supriya Pathak with Kriti Sanon The scene where Supriya Pathak’s character Kriti Sanons forces Mimi to say who the father of her child is. (Photo: Netflix / YouTube)

When asked if it was difficult to make a light-hearted film a serious subject, the director replied, “It’s difficult. You can have an all-in-all comedy movie like Luka Chuppi, but there are intense scenes in this movie. But I think this is where the actors play the role. It is the support of the cast that elevates the scenes. You can do it intensely and the very moment makes it extremely weird. For example, in the scene where Supriya forces Pathak Kriti to say who the child’s father is. This scene is intense, but the way Pankaj Sir reacts to it changes the whole emotion of the scene. It’s going to be weird. So, as a director, I didn’t do anything in it (the scene). I just said ‘action and cut’. Even writers only wrote the scene, but the magic happened between the artists. “

Pankaj Tripathis Bhanu accompanies Mimi on her adventurous and emotional journey. Mimi is Kriti’s third film with Pankaj Tripathi. Their on-screen connection goes way back to Bareilly Ki Barfi, which was released in 2017. Pankaj played Kriti’s father, directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. Later the two got together for Luka Chuppi.

In Mimi, Pankaj and Kriti share the relationship of a friend, a well-wisher. In this film, their screen time is comparatively longer than their previous collaborations.

When asked if Kriti felt in any way intimidated by Pankaj, the actor replied, “He’s not intimidating.” However, she admitted that she was a bit scared while working with him on Bareilly Ki Barfi. “When I was working on Bareilly Ki Barfi, in my first scene with him, I was a little hesitant and scared because suddenly I was surrounded by him, Seema Pahwa Ma’am and so many loyal followers. And this was a movie that was out of my zone and in this new world. But humari tuning baith gayi thi. Even in this movie we didn’t have a lot of dialogue, but even one look was enough for us and the audience to understand what the characters are talking about. So at that point I found my consolation (in this film) in him as an actor. I had the feeling of being free and performing without pressure, ”said Kriti.

Mimi trailer A statue of Pankaj Tripathi and Kriti Sanon. (Photo: Netflix / YouTube)

Talking about her connection with the Mirzapur actor in MimiThe 30-year-old said she had “a brilliant co-star” who was “willing to give more than I needed or wanted as an actor”.

“I like to feed the energy of my co-stars because for me acting is the art of reacting. It’s always collaborative. Even when a person is weak, the scene can fall. A scene can’t be weird if the other person doesn’t respond. So, with Pankaj, sir, I have the consolation. There’s a lot more here (in Mimi). Our relationship on screen in this film is very nice. You would see their equation change and warm each other up. There is a scene where I had to hit him with everything I have around me. We could only do it with the support I got from him. He was very encouraging, “she replied.

Mimi is another small town story that’s something of a trend these days. What explains their popularity?

Kriti Sanon mimi Kriti Sanons Mimi was directed by Laxman Utekar. (Photo: Kriti Sanon / Instagram)

In response to the testimony, Kriti replied, “It’s been there for a long time. Bareilly Ki Barfi started the trend. Suddenly (during this time) many stories came out of the heartland. I don’t think there is any sure way to make a good movie. But we’ve looked at the West for so long that we’ve forgotten that our country is full of stories, especially inside. All of these characters are relatable and that only happens because they are based on normal Janta, middle-class people. “

“I come from a small town in Maharashtra. I am a farmer’s son. So I think I can understand what happens in a lower-middle-class family. I don’t know how a person living in Bandra or Juhu will react to a situation, but I know how a person in Nasik will react. This is my observation and my consolation. I’d rather express an emotion or try to make people laugh that I know or can understand. That’s how I see the genre, ”Utekar concluded.

Mimi will be released on Jio Cinema and Netflix on July 30th.