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Lana shares the pros and cons that Mike Majlak sent to her after the breakup



Lana reveals the pros and cons list that Mike Majlak sent her after the breakup

Mike Majlak, Lana and their separation lasted three months. But the situation got more chaotic after a TikTok post posted a list of pros and cons about their relationship.

Social media stars Majlak & Lana officially declared it over Second time– on 19th of Februar. Although the relationship ended, the ex-couple has shared their memories with their fans.

Majlak called them both “both sides of the story” and they shared their decisionLana scolds him Problems with attachment. They were initially in agreement and appeared in each other’s content after the split. But the situation got more chaotic.

Majlak attempted to reach Lana with a list on May 10. This “five-page list” ruined the relationship’s pros and cons. Lana made the attempt to connect to her TikTok account just hours later.

TikTok: StepsislanaMike Majlak explains some of the negatives of Lana dating.

Mike Majlak explains some of the negatives of Lana dating.Lana Majlak was blocked by a friend, so he sent his new messages to her instead. Lana responded, “Tell him that he should leave me alone and not contact me.” “I don’t mind and I’ll get an order against him if ever he bothers me again.”

However, the messages were sent anyway and Lana was presented with a list that outlined pros and cons of their relationship. Majlak started by saying “Why I go out to dinner with you”, before going on to list reasons why he enjoyed being with Lana.

Lana’s loyalty to her music taste was just one of many “positives”. Mike ended his relationship with her soon after the news became public. This section of the list covered both sides and was longer. “big deal breakers”And “minor issues”.

These prices range from “chewing with [her] Mouth open ”to“ be extremely needy when it comes to it [spending]Together. “Unsurprisingly Lana was not impressed by the list and shared it quickly online for all to see.

@stepsislanai does not care about you or any other MAN’s opinions. Nobody asked. Oh, and it was 5 pages in length. ## fy ## fyp シ here is your “clout” Michael! ## foryoupage ♬ Venom – Little Simz

TikTok: “I don’t care what you do or don’t like,” she stated. “No one asked. Oh, it was five pages in length. Here’s your clout Michael!

The ex-couple has been constantly on and off throughout 2020. However, this latest development seems to have caused a complete meltdown of the bridges.

Majlak and Majlak have threatened to injunct each other, so this could be their last interaction together for some time.

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