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Leonardo da Vinci: Researchers identify 14 living descendants of the family of the Renaissance master



Leonardo da Vinci: Researchers identify 14 living descendants of the family of the Renaissance master

Hulton Archives / Getty Images

The Italian painter, sculptor, architect and engineer Leonardo da Vinci was far more than just the creator of the Mona Lisa.


Decades of research into the alleged remains of Leonardo da Vinci have shown how many people can claim to be descendants of the family of the Renaissance genius and “Mona Lisa” painter: It is 14 years old.

The conclusion, published this month in Human Evolution magazine, comes from a new family tree that goes through 21 generations and four branches.

It is part of the Leonardo Da Vinci DNA Project, which aims to confirm his remains and “better understand his extraordinary talents and visual acuity through genetic associations”.

The researchers wrote that these results “are eagerly awaited from a historical perspective” as they will help researchers “scientifically explore the roots of his genius, information about his physical abilities and possibly premature aging, about his left-handed and his” to find health and possible hereditary diseases and to explain certain peculiar sensory perceptions, such as his exceptional quality of vision and synesthesia. ”

The researchers gathered data from historical documents in public and private archives and direct reports from Leonardo Offspring.

The study did not provide much information about the living offspring to protect their privacy.

Leonardo was born in 1452 and is known for his paintings “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper”. Leonardo also devoted his time to science, math, architecture, design, engineering, geology, cartography, sculpture, and drawing.

His works of art continue to generate high payments from collectors.

Last year, an online bidder paid $ 98,000 to participate in the Mona Lisa’s annual inspection when the Louvre Museum in Paris took the painting out of its case for inspection.

A new auction record was set earlier this month when a tiny sketch of a bear sold for more than $ 12 million.

CNN’s Laura Allsop and Jacopo Prisco contributed to this report.