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Liesl Tom, Director of “Respect”



Liesl Tommy, director of "Respect"

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Liesl Thomas, a South African-born theater director, created the Aretha Franklin Biopic. It was a personal affair. Courtney E. Martin (author of Learning in Public) speaks with Andrew Marantz to discuss being white parents who want to do the right things in public schools. Is integration as positive and beneficial as it is portrayed? Jonathan Franzen is a writer who also takes bird watching trips, but he also brings with him his “uncomfortable obsessive” personality.

Liesl Tom, Director of “Respect”

The Aretha Franklin Bio-Pic is a love service for its filmmaker.

A progressive parent faces separate schooling

Learning in Public is the story of a mother of a white child trying to do the right things in public education.

Jonathan Franzen does bird watching

Jonathan Franzen, a writer, loves bird watching but brings his “uncomfortable and obsessive personality” to the table.

New York Radio Hour was co-produced by WNYC Studios & The New Yorker.

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