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Loco Unicorn rainbow-colored LocoNut cocktail



Loco Unicorn, rainbow colored LocoNut cocktail

Loco Unicorn Drink tastes just as good as its looks. Captain Morgan’s LocoNut coconut liquor is combined with two fruity components to create a stunning pink and blue rainbow.

This drink is amazing! It looks so amazing you might be tempted to think that you can’t make it at home.

This drink is unique because of the purple edible glitter at its edges. Is there any other drink with a purple rim than this one?

Do not let the complicated look of the drink deter you. I have a tutorial for layering and a tip on how to trim glass.

Because the drink has ice, and the liqueurs float so well, the layering effect with this one is uncommonly easy. They drift off like that.

It’s simple to add a sugar rim to a cocktail glass. The wet glass rim sticks to sugar even better than salt.

The look of this drink with its beautiful pink, red, and blue layers is all about the appearance, but don’t be discouraged. It tastes just as delicious as it looks.

Loco Unicorn Cocktail next to a bottle of Captain Morgan Loco Nut

LocoNut has been mentioned before, but the flavors here are… It tastes just like coconut with a little spice and is one-level above coconut liqueur.

This drink also contains berry-flavored grenadine, and orange-flavored curacao. This creates a coconut-orange berry party in your mouth.

You have two choices when it comes to drinking it. Either you can sip it slowly from the bottom, so the flavor changes gradually from the berry to the orange taste, or you can stir it and enjoy all of the flavors simultaneously. Both are delicious.

It is fruity, slightly tropical, rich, and creamy. It makes a great dessert drink.

You can make this drink even more special by buying a bottle of handcrafted grenadine. The taste is lighter and fresher.

Red-blue layered Loco Unicorn Cocktail on multi-colored sand

This recipe calls for six ounces coconut water to make it a long-lasting drink. Coconut water tastes great and has many magical health benefits.

You can forget about most of this. Coconut water, despite being a great source of potassium, is not the best.

Coconut water keeps this long drink low in alcohol. You can only add liquors to increase the alcohol content. There are many mixers that you can use with it.

This makes it a great choice for a hot day or a night of dancing. This is a great choice for parties and work meetings that require guests to get active.

You might also like Captain Morgan’s LocoNut. This delicious liquor can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Loco Unicorn Drink Recipe

Yield: 1 Drink

Loco Unicorn rainbow-colored LocoNut cocktail

The delicious Loco Unicorn Drink Recipe looks as great as it tastes. Captain Morgan's LocoNut coconut liqueur mixes with fruity flavors (Curacao and Grenadine) to form a beautiful red to blue rainbow.

Loco Unicorn cocktail recipe includes Captain Morgan LocoNut, which is a rich and delicious coconut liqueur. It also contains blue curacao, grenadine, and blue curacao to create layers when it is poured. It tastes like coconut with orange and berry.


  1. Make a rim by soaking a 13-ounce highball in water and then adding edible glitter. (Here is a tutorial on how to make an eyeglass rim tutorial).
  2. Fill the glass with ice.
  3. Add the coconut water, Captain Morgan LocoNut.
  4. Mix these ingredients until well combined.
  5. Slowly let the grenadine drip in, so it falls to the floor and then sits.
  6. Slowly instill Curacao until it sits on top.

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