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LoveShackFancy dresses, Golden Goose sneakers and LoveShackFancy dresses are the new status look for tweens



The new tween status look: LoveShackFancy dresses and Golden Goose sneakers

THE LASTA teenage girl approached LoveShackFancy’s store in Sag Harbor, NY on a summer afternoon. It looks like a sugar-level store decorated by a childlike empress. This is similar to its sister stores in Southampton and Dallas, Austin and Palm Beach. Newport Beach, California and Manhattan’s Upper East Side, West Village, California. It has been soaked in climbing ivy, fresh and artificial flowers, and is packed to the gills full of dolls, vintage suitcases and gilded mirrors. There are also chandeliers and more frills that high tea at Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon. Rihanna sang, “We found love at a hopeless location,” while a frilled saleswoman hummed along. The tween reached the “Ribbon Bar”, the ultimate Mecca for cult boutiques, and contacted her friend via FaceTime to talk about the best accessories to customize the dresses and mini skirts.

The LoveShackFancy mini skirt or dress is the key to the current tween or teen status look. This includes bare legs, sneakers (often white Nike Air Force Ones or shabby chic Golden Gooses), and sometimes hoodies by streetwear brands such as Off White. The LoveShackFancy boutique in the Upper East Side is where the ground zero of this look can be found. Here, private school tweens are seen roaming the streets wearing almost identical outfits. Due to the widespread use of social media and rampant fraudmers, you can find clones of these Gossip Girls everywhere from Gothenburg up to Grosse Pointe.

Sophia McGuire (a Dallas teenager blogger who started “Much Love Sophie”) said that she had too many LoveShackFancy items to count.


Sophie McGuire

Jill Kargman is a Upper East Side resident who has noticed the trend among her own children and the tweens that she meets along the way. She noted that she could see the Golden Goose sneakers and LoveShack flowers in the crowd. “You only see the Golden Goose sneakers on Madison Avenue.” It is so funny.

Ms. Kargman views the look as a sweeter and more appropriate alternative to the previous tween outfit: figure-hugging gowns. “I used to be horrified when my 18-year-old was more of a tween and … was wearing those BCBG bandage dresses that looked spray-painted. I always said, ‘four whore,’ ”She recalls. She says that even though the LoveShackFancy hems may be short, the sweetness of the prints and ruffles keeps them from being too short. [the girls]You don’t have to look like a small bitch. ”And the sneakers make the look handy for walking around after school. “It’s almost like an inverted Kardashian,” said Ms. Kargman.

LoveShackFancy has had a long-standing obsession with tweens. It is now at a boiling point. Rebecca Hessel Cohen, a former Cosmopolitan editor, founded the brand in 2013. Her mother Nancy Hessel Weber was the original creative director at Seventeen magazine. She designed a small range of bridesmaid gowns. Since then, the brand has expanded to include knitwear, jewelry, and accessories for all ages as well as a growing line of homewares. While Ms. Hessel Cohn has always considered her brand to be “cross-generational,” where granddaughters and daughters shop together, she isn’t sure how the tween thing was born. It’s what she calls it “a crazy cult phenomenon”The magazine describes extravagant birthday parties in LoveShackFancy and the highly sought-after SPF treats that parents send to students at boarding schools. Suri Cruise, a star child, and her friends were among those who arrived first at the store’s opening on Bleecker Street.

Los Angeles’ LoveShackFancy store is filled with flowers and romance.


Brady Valashinas

Ms. Hessel Cohen interacts with the young population by “trying more into TikTok”, and using teenage models in certain collections. The brand offers multiple fabrics and prints of the teen-favorite Natasha gowns at $ 295 each season. This is a status item at graduation, bar mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs. The shops are now a popular after-school hangout for young girls, she said. She said, “We tried to open all year in areas and places that have a nice community of daughters and mothers.”

Contrary to knock-offs, the SPF/Golden Goose sneaker look doesn’t come cheap. However, fitting in in American high and middle schools was not easy. I spoke with tweens who browse LoveShackFancy sales and buy second-hand items. Others save to be able afford a skirt, while others are more hesitant to spend. Some are choosing to shop cheaper brands such as Reformation or Aerie. Anastasia Gerrans (20 years old) from Seattle said that others, however, just convince their parents to buy it. The sneakers, which were deliberately worn by Golden Goose Superstars, cost $ 495 while the Nike Air Force Ones are less than $ 100.

Marin Archer wears her LoveShackFancy skirt and a Zara shirt in combination with a Zara top.


Marin archer

Marin Archer is a 23-year old Boston woman who calls herself an “all-rounder” but she still has many fans on her vibrant Pinterest page. Many of the young women who share photos of this look cannot afford to purchase it from the store, she says. Ms. Archer stated, “I know that it’s worth striving after for many people.” She continued, “I know that people save these pins and look at these outfits because a lot aren’t affordable for many people.” She first tried the trend by renting a LoveShackFancy Skir from Nuuly, and then decided to purchase it once she fell in love.

This elitist, design-centric trend is spreading rapidly on social media, even though it was once most popular on the coasts. Ms. Gerrans explained, “It has become so popular, especially on TikTok, that almost everyone seems to love the brand.”The majority of content on TikTok and Pinterest, Instagram, and VSCO are positive. Girls share outfit photos and styling tips. Because of the sheepishness of dressing up like your friends (both real-life and virtual), casual haters will be weighed in.

LoveShackFancy’s latest lookbook image reflects the brand’s beach fantasy lifestyle.


Dean Isidro

Social researcher Dr. Wednesday Martin, author of Primates of Park Avenue, cautions that young women shouldn’t be judged for dressing the same. According to her, anthropologically speaking, we are more open to looking for group connections as it has been in the past that helped us survive predators. It can feel like death to not have a collective identity. Because being isolated in our evolutionary history literally meant one would perish. These young girls felt even more anxious to forge alliances after being locked in their rooms for a year and not being able to see their friends. Dr. Martin stated, “It’s especially urgent to consolidate group identity after a Pandemic if your are a young lady.”

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