Man camping in park attacks city workers

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – A Reno City worker who tried to help the homeless was attacked in a city park Wednesday afternoon, Reno police said.

Cristian Arana-Godoy, 29, was camping in John Champion Park on Künzli-Strasse when an employee of the city’s Clean and Safe program approached him around 2:15 p.m. and offered to connect him with resources and other help.

Arana-Godoy accused the sales representative of holding a metal pipe and a machete about two feet long, police said. The field worker ran and Arana-Godoy continued to chase him and hit him with the machete, the police said.

Other city officials at the crime scene called 911, and when police arrived the suspect threatened the police with the machete, police said. Then he returned to his camp.

More officers arrived, including the negotiating team, and Arana-Godoy surrendered after about an hour of negotiations.

He was arrested on two counts for assault with a lethal weapon and one for camping in the park.

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