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A Biden pollster face off over "Defund"

With assistance from Josh Siegel & Kelsey Tamborrino

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— Senate Energy Chair Joe ManchinHe calmed his climate anxiety and reiterated that he was with the team theClean energy aspects the BBB. This will be done after the Democrats pass their voting rights legislation.

— Trump EPA chief Andrew Wheeler is slated to be named Virginia’s Secretary of Natural Resources By the incoming Republican Governor. Glen Youngkin.

— The White House sent back several energy and environment nominees to the Senate after theFor the upper chamber, close out theAn entire year goes by without any voting.

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D- Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images| Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

AREA FOR AGREEMENT: Sen. Joe Manchin affirmed that there’s a fair amount of consensus between him and theRest of theDemocratic caucus theClimate portions theCreate a Better Act. Talking to reporters Tuesday theWest Virginian “the climate thing is one that we probably could come to an agreement much easier than anything else,”Echoing his optimistic mood, he reflects on the current climate-Focused peers have been projecting into theSince the beginning of this year ManchinHe voiced opposition to theOverall package last month

“Sen. Manchin’s comments are very encouraging,” climate hawk Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) told Pro’s Josh Siegel. “I continue to seek ways to work with him, and look forward to passing serious climate provisions that meet scientific emission reduction targets.”

You can expect good things if you wait. ManchinHe stressed that this was only a reaffirmation his position since the first time he shook things up. theHill by refusing theOverall package. He also tempered any hopes of major breakthroughs. theHigher bill theIn the next few days, say “there is no negotiations going on at this time.”(Other Democrats, including Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, said that talks will continue the floor).

Dick Durbin, Senate Majority Whip, reiterated Tuesday that the caucus’ focus for now is their voting rights legislation — which Schumer is pushing to the point of threatening to overhaul filibuster rules — and that “we’ll return to Build Back Better as soon as that is done.”

That timeline didn’t seem to bother some of the Senate’s biggest climate hawks. Sens. Sens. theClimate provisions would be passed “come hell or high water”Simply because they were dealing in an existential problem. When asked about a timeline, they replied that there wasn’t. theSchatz reported that this month’s package was passed. “We’ll get this done as soon as we have the votes. And if that’s tomorrow morning, that’s when we’ll do it. If it’s Feb. 7, that’s when we’ll do it.” That’s quite a contrast to the parade of deadlines that framed Democrats’ outlook on theLegislation through theSecond half of last year.

Where to trim: Timing isn’t theOnly concessions are allowed the table. Smith didn’t rule out making sacrifices on theSocial spending is a portion of theMake sure you have the right package the $550 billion in BBB’s climate spending makes it past theFinish line. “Everybody on this call strongly supports the Child Tax Credit,”She said: “but we’ve got to figure out what you got [to do to get] support amongst 50 people.”

That doesn’t mean that Democrats are on board for breaking BBB apart and sending a climate-At this point, only bills. Lawmakers continue to push for a big bill.-A spokesperson and legislative package for the tent the Senate’s key tax writer, Ron Wyden, said he is still focusing on drug pricing, ACA subsidies and theWyden’s Child Tax Credit is available in addition to clean energy, and the Clean Energy Credit “not at the point where he would want to move that as a standalone.”

The stakes: theBBB climate provisions, Smith doubted that executive action alone would be able reach the administration’s emissions goals of 50-Emissions reductions of 52 percent by 2030 and net-Zero emissions by 2050 Obama led its environmental drive via theAfter the regulatory route theCollapse of the Waxman-Markey cap-And-A decade ago, the trade bill was and theThe Congressional Progressive Caucus wants President Joe Biden’s executive action to make it happen. the ball rolling on BBB’s agenda while theLegislation is in the making the Hill.

“But I also don’t think that regulatory action is a substitute for congressional action,”Smith stated.

Read more from Pro’s Kelsey Tamborrino on Manchin’s latest remarks, and POLITICO’s Anthony Adragna has some key takeaways from Tuesday’s LCV presser.

ME SCOOP. WHEELER BACKIN ACTION: Virginia’s Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin will nominate former Trump EPA chief Andrew Wheeler later today as his Secretary of Natural Resources, Josh has exclusively learned.

Wheeler, a conservative Senate staffer as well as a lawyer and energy lobbyist was a former senatorial staffer. His tenure at EPA saw him implement a deregulatory agenda against Obama-In the era of climate change and environmental rules theName “regulatory certainty”For businesses. As Virginia’s top environmental official, he’d likely be charged with implementing Youngkin’s pledge to remove theGet in touch with us the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-And-Commerce market among states theNortheast and Mid-Atlantic aims to reduce carbon emission theThe power sector.

Youngkin was silent about energy policy in his campaign. “all-of-the-above”While trumpeting is a popular choice for Republicans, mantra is a favorite. theCost competitiveness of renewables

Wheeler, who has been busy since leaving EPA and joining Advancing American Freedom (a conservative nonprofit founded by ex-Vice President Mike Pence), has remained busy. theHeritage Foundation. He testified recently against a 5-Fairfax County, Va. – A cent tax on plastic bags for disposal

ROUND TWO – ENERGY NOMS Numerous nominations were sent back by the White House. theSenate on Tuesday, with several key energy and environmental positions. After the formalities, the renominations will be made. the upper chamber ended last year’s session without voting to confirm them.

Among theNames in the energy and environment space are Chris Frey, David Uhlmann and Carlton Waterhouse for assistant administrator positions at EPA; Shalanda Baker to head DOE’s Office of Minority Economic Impact; Asmeret Asefaw Berhe to lead DOE’s Office of Science; Maria Robinson to be assistant Energy secretary for theOffice of Electricity; Laura Daniel-Davis will be Assistant Secretary of the Interior. Interior. theHere is the full list.

ME FIRST: EEI CALLS CLEAN ENERGY IN BB: The Edison Electric Institute puts its weight behind passing theBelow are clean energy provisions theBBB bill. The association of investors-Technology was pioneered by owned electric companies-neutral clean energy tax credits in particular — which form the roux to Democrats’ climate gumbo — as “allowing electric companies to achieve even deeper carbon reductions while preserving electric reliability and affordability for theCustomers and the communities they serve.

The group name has been checked theInvestment tax credits and solar production, clean energy direct payment option, production tax credit for existing nuclear, alternative tax normalization for regulated electricity companies, EV Tax Credit Expansion and new tax credits storage, transmission, and hydrogen. You can read the full statement of EEI here.

BIOFUEL BACKLASHIndustry groups from all sectors were critical of the EPA. theBiofuels debate at Tuesday’s public hearing over proposed biofuel blending volumes 2020, 2021, and 2022. Representatives spoke virtually in support of the proposal. theMixed bag provided by thePotential rule raising concerns about supply chain concerns and further delays theProgram theForegoing precedent could be dangerous theFuture of theRenewable Fuel Standard.

“When it comes to setting annual blending obligations under the RFS, it seems like EPA’s strategy in previous rulemakings has been to make sure neither biofuel producers nor oil refiners are completely satisfied, leading the agency to mistakenly believe it got the volumes just right,”Brian Jennings, CEO at theAmerican Coalition for Ethanol

Particularly: theAgency proposes to retroactively lower the 2020 volumes “would set a dangerous precedent and would be inconsistent with the EPA’s long-held position,”Geoff Cooper, President and CEO of theRenewable Fuels Association. American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers’ policy analyst Michael Burnside spoke in the meantime. thePlan to raise theVolumes for 2022 didn’t reflect market demand or infrastructure constraints. “It is unreasonable to propose 15 billion gallons for conventional biofuel in 2022 as if the pandemic never happened,”He said it in his testimony.

While EPA officials didn’t tip their hands, theGroups had the opportunity to use the hearing as a platform for press conferences theAgency on how to approach it theFuture of theIt sets volumes for 2023, and beyond. Dave Walton stated, “My hope for continued growth in 2023 is that this will be a reliable signal.” the National Biodiesel Board of the biodiesel volumes. Brooke Coleman, executive Director of theAdvanced Biofuels Business Council stated that prior RFS enforcement had created a “believability problem”All theSupply chain. He stated, “It is all retroactive compliance relief that undercuts innovation investments.”

IMPLEMENTING THE BIF: The White House is calling for thePoints to be selected by the states-They will be supervised in their implementation the bipartisan infrastructure package — a tactic akin to theState coordinators who assisted in execution the 2009 stimulus package. Governors were contacted Tuesday by Mitch Landrieu, White House infrastructure coordinator. “consider appointing a high-level person to serve as your state’s own Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator,”Who “would work with your budget team and across departments responsible for transportation, water, broadband, and energy investments to coordinate implementation of the various infrastructure programs.”

Only a handful of states have made progress on this front. New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham appointed three new state advisors for broadband, infrastructure, and water. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has created a new “governor’s infrastructure planning advisory committee.”

The White House will issue guidelines to states about how to use the guidance. the package’s new funding, including on financial oversight, labor and manufacturing, equity and environmental concerns. Read more from Pro’s Tanya Snyder who snagged a copy of Landrieu’s letter.

OPEC HOLDS THE COURSE: OPEC and its allied countries agreed to keep up their monthly oil production increases. This will increase shipments by 400,000 barrels each day in February, as The Financial Times reports. So far, the cartel has not changed its plan to gradually increase oil supply to bring back pre-Pandemics despite all pressure theBiden administration in late 2013 for a quicker release to ease global fuel price pressures

OPEC’s move shows the cartel isn’t worried that theCrude demand will be hurt by the Omicron variant. Learn more at FT.

FRANCE CONSIDERING THE NUCLEAR ALTERNATIVE. Bloomberg reports that France could allow its three coal-fired power plants to burn more coal this winter in order to make up for a possible shortfall in generation due to maintenance at several of its nuclear reactors. A recent draft proposal by theEcology Ministry would be the plants operate for about 1,000 hours in January and February — 300 hours more than the2019 annual cap It was a temporary solution to the problem, according to the French government. theWinter months would be the best time to return to 700-Hour limit in 2023

France and Germany disagree over a proposal by the European Commission to label both natural gas (and nuclear) as sustainable under its investments labeling scheme. France wins theBerlin views: The vast majority of the electricity it uses comes from nuclear. theDue to concerns about waste disposal, energy sources are considered potentially dangerous.

— Bill Parsons is joining theAmerican Clean Power Association, as vice president for federal affairs and state affairs. This is a new role. Parsons joins ACP theAmerican Council on Renewable Energy where he was chief operational officer. Before that, he was the chief of staff as well as the legislative director.-Rep. Chris Van Hollen from Maryland

This news comes shortly after ACPA’s new board was announced, which includes representatives of theYou can find information on the storage, wind and solar sectors as well as financial, construction and utility backgrounds. Read theComplete list of theHere’s a new board.

— “A Widening Web of Undersea Cables Connects Britain to Green Energy,”The New York Times.

— “These homes are off-grid and climate resilient. They’re also built out of trash,”The Washington Post.

— “Prince Charles Says ‘Our Children Are Judging Us’ On Climate Change,”Prince Charles himself via Newsweek