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Millersville Police are looking for suspected child rapists



Millersville Police are looking for suspected child rapists

MILLERSVILLE, Tennessee (WKRN) – Millersville Police Department issued an all bulletin for a former inmate accused of raping an 11-year-old girl with a toy gun.

His name is Robert Phillips. A Sumner County grand jury recently indicted the 60-year-old on 13 sex crimes against a child, including four child rape cases.

Police say the ex-inmate from Louisiana is now on the run and is likely hiding in a Nashville motel.

Hendersonville Police Department arrests a man after finding nearly 60 images of child pornography on a cell phone

Detective Chuck Consiglio tells News 2 that Phillips lived with a Millersville family he knew. There he met the eleven-year-old girl whom he is accused of raping him several times.

“It started in March. And when they questioned the family, they called us and said we found some alarming things, “said Det. Consiglio said,” They looked under his mattress and found several of this girl’s underwear and there was a toy gun under the mattress. “

Detectives say Phillips used a realistic-looking toy revolver, a CO2 pistol, to threaten the 11-year-old girl who lived there. According to the police, the 60-year-old is said to have forced the child to have sex several times and even told the little girl that if she told someone he would kill her parents.

Former Benton County pastor, coach charged with rape in multiple states

“It’s not real, but it looks like a revolver,” said Consiglio. “The gun is a toy, a CO2 pistol, but for this 11-year-old victim she didn’t know.”

Millersville Police Department investigated Phillips for three months. Detectives say the Sumner County’s Advocacy Center was key in getting the child to reveal sensitive details about the case that led to the grand jury’s indictments.

“He’s a bad guy. He is dangerous. We have to get that out and get him off the street, ”said Consiglio.

Sex offender accused of allowing teenagers to live with him in North Nashville

Detectives also praise the little girl for being strong and speaking to investigators.

“She seems to be fine. She is in counseling. She is a good kid. It is terrible that she has fallen victim to a grown man, a trusted man, ”said Consiglio.

Phillips faces four child rape cases, seven aggravated sexual batteries, and two minor charges.

If you know the whereabouts of Robert Phillips, call the Millersville Police Department at (615) 859-2758.

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Texas’s best riding for every type of cyclist



Texas's best riding for every type of cyclist

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There is no better way to explore the endless variety of Texas landscapes than on two wheels. You can mountain bike down steep canyon trails, cycle to the highest point on the Texas highway system, or lose yourself in a pine curtain. No matter where you are in Texas, there are likely to be excellent bike rides out there.

Step through the Texas Wine Country Texas

There are well over 100 wineries, distilleries and breweries amid the rolling grasslands and clusters of living oaks of Hill Country. This part of the state also has some of its most scenic bike trails – and a hearty dose of fascinating Texan history.

If you only have time for a ride in Hill Country, do it on the 32-mile Willow City Loop near Fredericksburg. During the spring bloom, admire vast fields of bluebonnets and other wildflowers, and admire the granite dome of Enchanted Rock in the distance. For another beautiful drive south of Fredericksburg, travel on Old Fred Road towards Old Tunnel State Park (home to approximately three million Mexican cantilever bats) past historic limestone settlements. And before heading back, stop for lunch at the Alamo Springs Cafe and order the famous burger (one of the best in Texas). For a little bit of the President’s history, take a ride on Ranch Road 1 along the Pedernales River between Fredericksburg and Johnson City. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s home has been converted into a state park and national historic site, and is the perfect picnic spot.

Ride a single track in the Grand Canyon of Texas

South of Amarillo, the high plateaus of the Texas Panhandle flow into a colossal canyon system in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, a mountain bike mecca with red rock hoodoos and technical single trails. The canyon’s trails attract serious mountain bikers from all over the country, but as Jeff Davis, deputy superintendent of Palo Duro points out, it’s also “such an accessible place for a variety of backgrounds and abilities”.

Beginners or families with young children should try the Paseo del Rio Trail, which connects to the famous Lighthouse Trail (the most popular in the park) that leads to the iconic Lighthouse formation, a red rocky peak that protrudes about 100 meters from the ground. For challenging terrain, don’t miss Capitol Peak, a dedicated mountain bike trail; Upper and Lower Comanche Paths; or the Rock Garden Trail, which runs from the canyon floor to the rim, nearly 250 meters higher. Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen – temperatures on the canyon floor can reach 120 degrees in summer.

Enjoy the spectacular night sky in the park, which offers a variety of accommodation options. Glamping tents are available at the bottom of the canyon, but you can also book a CCC-built cabin on the edge or reserve a standard campsite at various locations in the park. Along the way, indulge in a steak at the legendary Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo or an ice cream truck at the Palo Duro Trading Post in the nearby Canyon.

Gravel grinding through the pines

For a mix of gravel, dirt, and paved driving amidst the westernmost loblolly pine forest in the country, head to Bastrop State Park, just 40 miles east of Austin. “We are a kind of island oasis here in central Texas,” says Jamie Creacy, the Lost Pines complex manager responsible for the Bastrop and Buescher State Parks. One of the highlights of the area, says Creacy, is Park Road 1, a lightly-trafficked paved road between the two state parks that offers views of the surrounding countryside and is possibly the best way to explore the pine trees. But this is where the fun begins.

If you’re looking for a gravel grinder, take Gotier Trace Road from Bastrop State Park, then turn onto Antioch Road towards the town of Paige. On the way you pass farmland, a historic cemetery and of course other pine trees. If you’re visiting in June, don’t miss the annual Gravel Night Ride hosted by Capital City Racing and starting at the Rising Sun Vineyard in nearby McDade.

When you’re not biking, hike the State Park trails, fish in Lake Bastrop, or swim in the Bastrop State Park pool. Head to Main Street in downtown Bastrop for the vibrant food and bar scene, including farm-to-table dishes at Store House Market & Eatery.

Ride endless trails just minutes from downtown Waco. removed

Ross Harris, owner of The Bear Mountain, a bike and outdoor store in Waco, loves the “punchy” nature of his home trail system. “You go down a descent and then you roll straight into an ascent,” he says. That’s why Waco draws riders from across the state to its network of well-marked technical trails in Cameron Park, one of the largest urban parks in Texas. Although advanced trails like Highlander, Root Canal, and Babbler will challenge even the most experienced riders, routes like the River Trail, which winds through towering pecan trees on the banks of the Brazos, are great for beginners and families. If you’re visiting in the spring, don’t miss the annual Cameron Park Blowout, a Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association event hosted by The Bear Mountain.

Book a room at the Green Door Lofts or, if you’re a fan of Joanna and Chip Gaines, rent a Magnolia home near downtown and avoid the bike ride down the river straight into the park. Take a break from the trails and ride the suspension bridge downtown to enjoy a sandwich or salad made with Texas ingredients at the Revival Eastside Eatery.

See the cosmos on this West Texas Observatory Ride

In the Davis Mountains of west Texas, the classic challenge is to drive from the city of Fort Davis to the top of Mount Locke at the McDonald Observatory and back (approximately 30 miles round-trip). Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, take the entire Davis Mountain Scenic Loop (approximately 75 miles) that follows Texas Highway 118 to the observatory and then drops back down and around to Fort Davis on Texas 166. If at the end of your ride you prefer a dip in the cold, clear spring water, head north from Fort Davis to Texas 17 to Balmorhea State Park (53 miles each way), a desert oasis with a huge spring pool that attracts swimmers the whole state.

Stay at the rustic Indian Lodge, a white adobe hotel in the back of Davis Mountains State Park. You can also book a campsite in the park or stay at the hip and funky El Cosmico in Marfa (think of the trendy trailer park). Be sure to reserve a seat at one of the star parties at the observatory, where the experts will give you an insight into the cosmos through their very powerful telescopes.

Texas is more than a state, it’s a mindset. From Big Bend to the Gulf Coast & everywhere in between, your next adventure awaits. Whatever experience you’re looking for, we can’t wait to see you soon. Plan your next Texas vacation on Let’s get to Texas.

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Your horoscope for the coming week: Jupiter’s return to Aquarius will lift your spirits



Your horoscope for the coming week: Jupiter's return to Aquarius will lift your spirits

(CBC life)

As you move through some of this week’s friendly astrological alignments, you will end up with a happy destination. We hope you are feeling fine and on top of the world.

The most important development that will affect us all is the return of Jupiter to Aquarius on Wednesday. The opener of the way entered Pisces last May, but its retrograde shift in June sent it back to Aquarius. Not for long, however, because his return to direct movement in October will move him forward and in the last days of December bring him back into the arms of the gentle fish. Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces.

Jupiter in Aquarius will focus on groups and social gatherings. One of the topics will be to meet like-minded people and discover new ideas. The week starts happily when Jupiter conjuncts the moon. This once a month meeting lifts the mood and promotes happiness and happiness.

Our burly friend Mars, Hercules of the solar system, will move to the earth sign Virgo by mid-September. It will give you the strength to focus on practical matters and tasks that require attention.

Mercury, aka Hermes, reaches the other side of the sun on Sunday, August 1st. He has been traveling to the sun since the end of June. On Sunday he begins his journey back to earth. Keep your intuition antennas activated. He’ll be sending you signals all week. Homer described him as a Master of Strategy.

His meeting with the sun will coincide with the Irish festival of Lughnasa. This marks the beginning of the harvest season. This festival takes place halfway between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals along with Samhain, Imbolc and Beltane.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 26th, 2021


When things stay the same forever, we want them to be different. When circumstances start to change, we soon long for how things were. Only when we are dramatically released from an unwanted situation do we feel inclined to celebrate the arrival of a new power in our world. A certain problem should have been solved long ago. You have tried every logical approach, but with limited results. When Jupiter returns to Aquarius you will be ready to face this problem and fix it. It will give you the strength to achieve a heartfelt goal. An obstacle to progress will melt away with the heat of your passion.


You are afraid of something that is looming on the horizon. Do not worry. Everything will be fine. Recent challenges have taught you how to develop an inner reserve of strength that you never knew existed. You develop the ability to assert yourself constructively instead of feeling weak and ineffective. It is clearly in your power to shape your future the way you want it to be. Thinking about things that make you happy will strengthen you and attract good luck. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week will lead you to put aside negative notions of success to which you are entitled. You can achieve the wonderful.


There is a risk of being distracted from a certain negative point of view. This would increase the level of anxiety. Stay out of this zone. A little time away from a complicated situation will make it seem easy, so take a little break from it. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week will show a great winning strategy and determination to move it forward. All you have to do is ignore the naysayers and step through a door of opportunity that opens up for you. Keep your hands tight on the tiller handle and keep aiming your ship towards your utopian vision. Something very good is developing right now under your awareness.


You are guided by a powerful spiritual source. It is always there for you. It will help you wherever and whenever it can. It is a blessing that will accompany you all your life. This source will drop clues and whisper clues softly in your ear. It is up to you to develop your intuitive skills and learn to trust them. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week will prove to be an extremely auspicious development. Relax and refuse to give in to your worries. Just think how things could be a lot worse. You will find a way to make things a lot better.


Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week suggests that the dreams you couldn’t fulfill could be turned into reality much more easily. And the things that all of you couldn’t say will suddenly be much easier to express. A certain stressful emotional restriction should no longer be tolerated. Insights will help you create distance between yourself and some crazy drama. A hopeless situation becomes an inspiring opportunity. You have gifts, talents and abilities that others can only dream of. Don’t look for trouble. Look for a brilliant idea. And it will find you!


An improvement in an unwelcome situation will come. But be careful not to let yourself be disappointed by asking for perfection. The solution to all your problems will not be achieved in one fell swoop, but gradually over time. The good news is that Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week will speed up the process. Work with the options available to you and you will find one that will take you where you need to be. There is nothing you can do if you want to. You can just wait for something to happen. However, if you take a proactive approach, it will expand your options and get everything done in no time.


You want to get a grip on reality, but sometimes it seems that reality has a stronger grip on you. Challenges threaten to weaken your immune system and undermine your self-confidence. Don’t let your heart be troubled. New reserves of strength and energy come to your rescue. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius will fuel a gigantic surge of energy. Your personal strength will receive a tremendous boost. This will enable you to break out of an unwelcome predicament and give you a valuable level of control over your destiny. You will get surprisingly good results with one bold step that you have to take.


You face some obstacles. These supposed problems are based on an unpredictable and turbulent sky. You are looking for a cup of refreshing inspiration, freshly drawn from the source of wisdom. You need that little bit extra. A little more zing in your energy level. But really, you need less of what you think you need. Have more confidence in what you already have and who you are. You are brilliant It cannot be mistaken. Trust it, and this week, with Jupiter emerging in Aquarius, you will have the perseverance and more than enough inspiration to get what you really need.


Some people think that the way to get what they want is to go into battle. You talk about planning campaigns, setting goals, tirelessly fighting for victory. It works for some people. However, there is an alternative way. It is much easier. It involves not worrying and just letting the spiritual side of life guide you. Always look at the bright side, which sometimes doesn’t seem very bright, but you’re wrong here. Light shines on you and there is clarity. Let go and let the spirit world do it for you. When Jupiter returns to Aquarius you will be connected to cosmic sources.


You start to wonder if you’ve used up all your luck. Perhaps you have pushed your luck too far. You may have to face the consequences of your own rash attitude. Your fears are understandable, but misplaced. You just have to wait for the moment to come. That moment comes this week. When Jupiter returns to Aquarius, your mood will change for the better. In a split second, you’ll know what to do. Take your chance in no time. Put aside your doubts and self-criticism. You have a feeling that is too strong and right to ignore. Everything will go well.


Signs and signals are not always easy to read. It is easy to misinterpret the information we are given. We read too much or sometimes too little into the events around us. We get paranoid when we should feel positive. At other times, we are complacent when we should be concerned. You are unsure whether a decision needs to be made. It’s hard to be sure of your thoughts and feelings. You may think your forecast is pessimistic, but Jupiter’s return to Aquarius will make it clear that there are far bigger reasons to be optimistic than you have previously realized.


When people host trade shows and festivals, they try to create more events than the public can ever fully see. Our world is also full of possibilities. We never run out of new things to explore. Our University of Life education begins when we arrive and continues until our last breath. But sometimes we forget all of this. We’re getting bored. We sink into a routine of repetition and that feeling of magic and wonder leaves us. This week, when Jupiter returns to Aquarius, you will rediscover the joy of discovery and get much better at it.

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Trails across Canada for city dwellers who can hike this winter



Trails across Canada for city dwellers who can hike this winter

(Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images)

Fresh air is powerful stuff. Going outside on a sunny day can be mood-lifting and energizing. But since the cold weather set in and socially distant picnics were paused in the park, what should you do? The short answer: get on your way – even if you live in the city.

We set out to discover the best places in some Canadian cities for a winter walk in the woods. These walking and hiking trails are within an hour’s drive of major cities, can be reached by public transport, and some are even dog-friendly.

You may have visited one of these places in the summer, but as the cold weather drives away the crowds, the experience is very different.

Do you live in the Vancouver area? Visit Redwood Park in Surrey

(Source: Discover Surrey)

By no means hunger for green spaces, Surrey is also known as the city of parks. The Redwood Park, which is home to the largest population of the trees of the same name north of the 49th parallel, is particularly enchanting. The area offers five kilometers of hiking trails to explore beneath a canopy of Sierra sequoias, one of the tallest species of trees in the world, and a “fairy village” where clusters of tiny, colorful houses can be spotted on fallen logs.

How to get there: The park is about 50 kilometers from Vancouver. If you are traveling by car, there is ample parking just off 20 Avenue. For those using transit, the nearest bus stop is at 24 Avenue and 180 Street, then the park is a kilometer away on foot.

Good to know: Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash.

Do you live in the Calgary area? Visit Griffith Woods Park

(Source: Calgary Tourism)

Located on the banks of the Elbow River in southwest Calgary, Griffith Woods is a natural oasis in the city. Snow-covered white spruce trees form the backdrop for a winter exploration day when beavers, elk and deer are frequently spotted. The Discovery Ridge and John Simonot Trail Loop is a particularly beautiful three mile riverside walk and is suitable for all skill levels.

How to get there: There is parking at the park entrance on Discovery Ridge Boulevard Southwest. If you’re traveling by public transportation, the closest bus stop is on Discovery Ridge Boulevard Southwest and Discovery Ridge Link Southwest, just a three-minute walk from the park.

Good to know: Expect hard snow on the trails in winter and bring studs with you on icy days. Dogs are welcome on a leash.

Do you live in the Whitehorse area? Go to the Chadburn Lake Trailsd

(Source: Gail Chester)

Tourists flock to Miles Canyon on the outskirts of Whitehorse to marvel at the impressive cliffs and turquoise waters, unaware that there is an equally beautiful destination just behind the attraction’s suspension bridge. Those who know about the wilderness trails around Chadburn Lake love it very much. With a number of trails shrouded in black spruce, pine, alder, and poplar, you can explore the area for anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours while on the lookout for snowshoe hares, red foxes, coyotes, bald eagles, and lynxes.

How to get there: The drive from downtown Whitehorse to the car park and trailhead takes approximately 10 minutes. If you don’t have bikes and want a full-day adventure, you can also hike from town on the Schwatka Lake Trails, which are connected to the Chadburn System.

Good to know: In winter these trails are groomed for skiing, so don’t go on the slopes or snowshoes. Instead, walk along the tracks. Dogs kept on a leash are allowed.

Do you live in the Regina region? Go to the Wascana Center Paths

(Source: Saskatchewan Government)

Regina’s popular lakefront urban park, Wascana Center, has over 6 miles of natural and paved trails to explore, but the area’s East Lake (Marsh) Trail is your best bet for avoiding the crowds and connecting with nature. On this six-kilometer trail, you will encounter over 300 species of trees as well as beavers, coyotes and rabbits. Hundreds of species of birds also call the Wascana Center home, including blue jays, waxwings and owls.

How to get there: There are a number of parking spaces throughout the park and several public transit stops on the edge of Wascana Center (along Broad Street, Albert Street, College Avenue, and 23rd Avenue) as well as the nearby Saskatchewan Science Center and the University of Regina.

Good to know: The trails are dog-friendly and are cleared of snow every morning.

Do you live in the Winnipeg area? Visit Bois-des-Esprits

(Source: Kristhine Guerrero)

Spend a blissful winter day with the tree spirits in Bois-des-Esprits. This suburban 117-acre forest and wetland habitat that is part of the 17-mile Seine River Greenway has a two-mile long photo-photo trail thanks to a number of tree carvings. Keep an eye out for white-tailed deer, owls, and the park’s most popular resident, Woody-Mhitik. Woody, once a 150-year-old elm that suffered from Dutch elm disease, has been transformed into a three-meter-high, wizened forest lamp by some talented local carvers.

How to get there: If you are coming by car, you will need to park on the residential streets in the Royalwood area. On public transportation, take bus 55 south from downtown Winnipeg, get off at St Anne’s Road and Compark Road stops, and Bois-des-Esprits is a 7-minute walk away.

Good to know: The path is not free of snow, but is usually used so heavily that a proper path is visible. Dogs are welcome.

Do you live in the Toronto area? Visit the Rattray Marsh Nature Reserve

(Source: Jon Clayton)

A hotspot in the summer months due to its lush lakeside landscape, traffic in this picturesque area of ​​Mississauga decreases significantly in the winter months. Set out to explore the Silver Birch Loop – the informal name for the trail that connects Silver Maple Lane to part of the Pedestrian Waterfront Trail and the Knoll Trail, for a complete break from the stresses of city life. Find serenity as you admire the oak, birch, willow, hemlock, ash, and maple trees, and look out for foxes, rabbits, deer, and beavers.

How to get there: If you’re driving, you’ll need to park in Jack Darling Memorial Park and hike in via the Waterfront Trail. Toronto residents can take GO Transit to Clarkson Station, then take bus 23 east and get off at Lakeshore Road West and Bexhill Road, a two-minute walk from the park entrance.

Good to know: Although open all winter, the path is not maintained. Dogs are welcome on a leash.

Do you live in the Ottawa area? Go to the Stony Swamp

(Source: National Capital Commission)

Ottawa’s Greenbelt is home to over 150 kilometers of nature trails, and the Stony Swamp area claims over 40 kilometers of those trails. Trail 26 is a particularly great three-kilometer option for all skill levels. If you stroll past beech and maple stands, you are likely to encounter cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, tits, snowshoe hares and even porcupines. In the wetlands along the way, white cedar stands provide a wintering space for white-tailed deer.

How to get there: Motorists can park in Parking Lot P11 on West Hunt Club Road for easy access to the trails. Otherwise, the starting point is a 20-minute walk from the Old Richmond Road and Seyton Drive bus stops.

Good to know: Stony swamp paths are not maintained during the winter months and dogs are not allowed.

Do you live in the Montreal area? Go to Frédéric Back Park

(Source: Eva Blau)

This park, which opened in 2017, has an interesting history: it was once the city’s rubbish dump. In a particularly imaginative case of upcycling, planners turned trash into treasure and turned the land into 192 hectares of green space with over five kilometers of hiking trails to explore. The area is littered with 250 biogas catch wells housed in phosphorescent fiberglass balls that absorb sunlight during the day and begin to glow after dark.

How to get there: If you are arriving by car, you will need to park in the nearby residential streets, otherwise you can walk for around 20 minutes from Iberville or St-Michel metro stations or take the 193 bus to the corner of Rue Jarry Est and Boulevard Crémazie Est. just a five minute walk from the park entrance.

Good to know: Dogs are welcome on a leash.

Do you live in the Fredericton area? Go to Killarney Lake Park

(Source: Eva Blau)

This popular summer bathing area, only seven minutes away from the city center, serves as a hiking destination when the temperatures drop. At 645 hectares, Killarney Lake Park is twice the size of New York’s Central Park and is also home to barred owls, several species of woodpecker, the Canadian owl, and New Brunswick’s official bird, the black-capped tit. Even if you don’t see a native bird, the 3.7 kilometer loop around the lake is particularly picturesque, framed by balsam firs, white pines and eastern white cedars.

How to get there: Parking is available for anyone who wants to drive. There is also a bus stop at Killarney Lake Lodge, about a 10-minute walk from the park.

Good to know: Dogs are welcome on a leash.

Do you live in the Halifax area? Visit the Hemlock Ravine Park

(Source: J. Hartlin)

Nova Scotia’s very own Narnia is on the outskirts of Halifax. Once the country home of the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward, the park is home to a unique heart-shaped pond and walking trails framed by ancient forest rare in the province. Explore 4 kilometers of hiking trails with centuries-old hemlocks looming overhead and keep an eye out for white-tailed deer.

How to get there: The main entrance and parking lot is at the end of Kent Avenue. The nearest bus stop is just five minutes away on the corner of Bedford Highway and Kent Avenue.

Good to know: The canyon trail is a little steeper and rougher than the rest of the park, so be careful in icy conditions. Dogs are allowed on a leash, with one path provided for walking without a leash.

Jen O’Brien is an award-winning editor and freelance writer based in Toronto. Follow her @thejenobrien.

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