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My bar in 3 drinks: Side Hustle



My bar in 3 drinks: Side Hustle

The NoMad, boutique hotels with locations in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and now London, is arguably best known for its award-winning bars. The currently closed location in New York was ranked # 4 on the list of the 50 best bars in the world in 2018, making it the top ranked bar in North America; it also received a James Beard Award for bar program excellence, and the group’s bar programs as a whole have served as a breeding ground for some of the best bartenders in America. Side Hustle was a new concept for the brand that was introduced at the Group’s London location. It is the first of its kind outside the United States.

Pietro Collina is the NoMad London Hotel’s bar manager. “Side Hustle makes you feel like you’re just going to stop in for a few drinks, then head out, but instead you end up staying at the Side Hustle the whole night.”

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A marble-topped bar and an imposing Art Deco style bar form the focal point of the space, while the rest is filled with leather-covered pubs – fitting since the bar was intended as a Mexican-influenced interpretation of an upscale British pub. Collina says that Side Hustle is Ashley Abodeely’s passion project. Abodeely was inspired by Mexican food while working in NoMad’s Los Angeles branch. Side Hustle’s cocktails menu is influenced more by Abodely’s Mexican dishes like tostadas and aguachile as well as other Mexican classics.

NoMad classics and Mexican favorites are included on the cocktail menu, along with the NoMad large-format cocktails that made NoMad famous in NYC. “There are drinks [on the menu] that have a history or are inspired by the history of the building or the neighborhood, “says Collina,” but in the end the drink has to be delicious and balanced. [We have] Drinks made with ingredients like tahini and dark sesame, eucalyptus or pear, pine and ginger, as well as drinks with passion fruits and vanilla. Although we know that not every drink is a big deal, diners are often overwhelmed by the complexity and flavor of a common combination of ingredients.

These are the cocktails Collina most represents Side Hustle.

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1. Tequila Mai Tai

Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila

“The Tequila Mai Tai is a great representation of what we do at NoMad because its foundation is based on a classic, but we twist it by highlighting agave spirit instead of rum,” says Collina. “Using agave changes everything about the structure and mouthfeel of the Mai Tai, which allows you to bring out other flavors instead of orgeat and orange [liqueur] is usually found in traditional Mai Tais. ”

This unusual Mai Tai makes use of a number of different flavors. Collina says, “We use velvet falernum and red pepper to highlight the herbal characteristics of the Tequila. We also add a teaspoonful of passion fruit to make the drink playful and more accessible.” Although the mezcal lends an earthy tone that emphasizes the herbal qualities of the drink’s spirit, the Mai Tai’s fruity essence is intact.

Instagram is sure to be impressed by the extravagant presentation. “It is presented in a skull cup [and garnished with the crown of] A huge pineapple comes out at the top, ”Collina agrees. “The best thing about the drink is showing it to people who don’t know how to serve it; 99% of them look at it and then look up at you to realize that it is okay for them to enjoy this moment. Their eyes light up with excitement, and you smile without judgement.

Side Hustle’s trademark combination of sophistication and playfulness is evident in this example. Collina states, “The best cocktails don’t intimidate or educate. They awaken a desire to have fun, adventure, and nostalgia.”

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2. Walter Gibson

Boatyard Gin, Absolut Elyx Vodka, Vouvray, pear eau-de-vie, beeswax, pickled vegetables

“Walter Gibson is a variant of martini that I originally created in New York City to celebrate the birth of our wine director’s first child, Walter Gibson,” says Collina. “Chenin Blanc is a favorite type of wine, so I created a Gibson version that uses the flavors of Vouvray.

The Loire Valley wines have distinct flavors. “When you break down Vouvray, you usually get orchard fruits, minerality, and a touch of tropical notes, and it ends up with that wet wool and beeswax quality,” Collina agrees. Collina says that the martini version is inspired by these flavors and uses gin, vodka, dry white vermouth, Moulin touchais sweet winepear eau-de–vie, and pineapple gummy syrup. These ingredients are all combined, diluted, and then matured in a beeswax-lined bottle. “[This adds] Not only does it have an earthy aroma, it also gives the martini a texture, ”says Collina. Collina says the cocktail comes with pickled onions and celery, carrots, red currants, and carrots. This “provides a brightness that compliments the richness” of the martini.

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3. Yellow submarine

Two Tribes x Side Hustle Mexican sour beer, aperol, lemon, cucumber

“The yellow submarine isn’t actually on the menu at Side Hustle,” says Collina. It’s a kettlemaker that we pass to guests who want to have fun and get things moving. NoMad isn’t new to drinks from the menu. “It is a quintessence of NoMad to always have something up their sleeve for special guests who invest in creating the atmosphere, be it through talking to the bartenders or other guests,” He says.

Collina found out about the Mexican tradition that a boilermaker makes of adding a shot of Tequila to beer. Collina thought that a similar drink would be a great gesture of hospitality to guests, given the bar’s Mexican influence and focus on craft beer. “I decided to create a small shot of Aperol, lemon and cucumber that is then turned over in a Rocks glass,” Collina agrees. The Two Tribes Mexican Sour is then added to the glass. It is a conversation starter for guests because it looks like a shot glass upside down.

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