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New Georgia Pols further to right as Marjorie Taylor Greene



New Georgia Pols further to right as Marjorie Taylor Greene

Congress candidate Mike Collins drives a big rig for MAGA.
Photo: Mike Collins for Congress / YouTube

The US House of Representatives delegation in Georgia has two members competing to define the outer limits of acceptable Republican opinion. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andrew Clyde and others opted to skip a far-right Washington clambake. The Justice for J6 organizers near the U.S. Capitol had a great idea. They invited a rebellious insurgent party to celebrate the 6th. Greene and Clyde will join them in Congress next year.

The above photo, showing Collins standing in front of the “Trump Agenda” rig, and then getting into a foreign vehicle with photos of Joe Biden Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and other politicians, summarizes Collins’ political philosophy well. He pledges to “end” the wall, fight the threatening spectre of critical race theory, and to defend “political prisoners”, like those who arrived after June 6.

Collins might be at Justice for J6 in order to protect himself from being outflanked from the right. Matt Richards is one of Collins’ most prominent opponents in the 10th District Republican Primary. He is the owner of a demolition business and is fighting with a shovel. He promises to “destroy” the left. But he put his hammer aside in favor of an assault weapon to dramatize his opposition to mask mandates in this ad:

Lest you fear that his violent extremism only extends to public health actions, his campaign website claims that “[h]We will destroy the mob that has woken up and break the culture in order to defend our freedom of speech and preserve our history. “

The no-one-here-but-us wingnuts spirit of the Tenth District primary (the winner of which will be the odds favorite in November; the district’s partisan voting index according to the Cook Political Report is R + 13) is promoted by the candidacy of the great old one Georgia extremist man, former Congressman Paul Broun Jr. other things he learned in school as “lies from hell”:

The development of Georgia’s conservative politics in recent years has been shocking. These candidates are competing for the Congress seat, currently held by Jody Hiice, a right-wing warhorse who is also an ordained minister. He volunteered to take revenge on Brad Raffesnsperger who made the 45th President famous by certifying Joe Biden’s Georgia win, and then refusing “finding” Trump enough votes. Hice used to be considered scary; he’s just a savage Georgia Republican now. He is announcing Timothy Barr as his successor. This seems mild in comparison to Collins, Richards, or Broun. This is from his announcement statement:

For my part, I refuse to be a generation that is handing our country over to socialism, and that’s why I decided to run for Congress.

In Washington, I will not give in to either the Biden administration or the radical left and will actively face the “demolition culture” that seeks to silence the conservatives.

Is that not weak tea? Barr promises to join the House Freedom Caucus upon his arrival in Washington. This is, in Georgia GOP circles, like a business owner joining Chamber of Commerce.

My state is home to many exotic animals, including Greene and Clyde Collins, Richards Richards Richards Broun, Broun, Broun, Broun, Broun, and Timothy Barr, if he is serious about Congress. . Alabama with Roy Moore, Mo Brooks and Mo Brooks can match that level of political nonsense. Georgia is not like Alabama. The state is a battlefield state. And the garish demeanour of its Republicans can make it blue.

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