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No, COVID vaccines do not cause swollen testicles



No, COVID vaccines do not cause swollen testicles

Don’t worry guys.
Photo: Keith Birmingham / MediaNews Group / Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

On Monday evening, pop star Nicki Minaj announced on Twitter that she would not attend this year’s Met Gala as the event was only open to people who had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Although she didn’t rule out getting vaccinated again, she said that she would not be attending the gala without it. Then, in a spectacularly bizarre follow-up tweet, Minaj suggested that a COVID vaccine could have caused swollen testicles and impotence in a friend of her cousin’s in Trinidad, which allegedly prompted that cousin’s fianc√© to cancel her upcoming wedding. This breathtaking twist came as a shock; not the inflated attention and ridicule the tweets received afterwards.

The COVID vaccines do not cause impotence, swelling, or infertility. We know this because COVID vaccinations have been administered to millions of people worldwide, many of whom have testicles. It has not been reported that testicular swelling is an uncommon side effect.

There are many reasons your testicles can swell, but not one of the vaccine

– Abraar Karan (braAbraarKaran) September 13, 2021

Additionally, the false scare-mongering that COVID vaccines cause infertility is hardly new. There is no evidence to suggest that coronavirus vaccinations affect fertility in men or women.

Nicki Minaj’s cousin should be vaccinated and see a doctor to diagnose her symptoms. They will be able to get well soon and find love again.

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