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Phillies RHP Aaron Nola is equivalent to Tom Seaver’s strikeout brand



Phillies RHP Aaron Nola equates to Tom Seaver's strikeout brand

If you’ve ever set a Tom Seaver pitching mark, it’s likely been a good day.

Aaron Nola, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, broke the 51-year-old New York Mets record by hitting 10 runs in a row. It was the first game in a planned double-header.

Nola faced Seaver’s Mets team. Nola opened the game pitching Jeff McNeil, allowing Francisco Lindor double, but then absolute dominance. Nola cut the Mets entire lineup – including No. Michael Conforto, a 3 hitter, broke the long-held record twice.

Nola, however, missed his chance of beating Seaver on the next batter. Pete Alonso was unable to score 1-2 and Pete Alonso scored a double in the opposite field to keep Seaver within the record range.

The feat was achieved less than a full year after Seaver died in September 2020. Seaver’s sudden death was so recent, the Mets wore uniform patches that had the man’s number 41 on them while Seaver set his record.

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