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Rick and Morty unveil the adult swim version Hellraiser’s Cenobites by Rick and Morty



Rick and Morty introduces the adult swim version of Hellraiser's Cenobites

Rick and Morty mocked Captain Planet, Marvel’s Submariner, as well as the Smith family. But it seems that the adult Swim characters are running into their most cruel characters yet with their interpretation of Hellraisers Cenobites. This parody of Clive Barker’s most beloved creations, Jerry Smith drew in due in part to his boring party mode, makes it clear that Rick will have some supernatural problems this season.

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser began with a short story entitled “The Hellbound Heart”, in which Pinhead and his fellow citizens were first seen. The novel was published by Clive Barker in 1986. Hellraiser was made a year later. This film introduced horror fans to the disturbing world of hell. The horror movie made a huge impact at the box office and earned more than ten-thousand dollars. There were many sequels to the film that continued exploring the world of the cenobites. Although most Hellraiser films were on video, HBO is currently working on a live-action TV series. It has yet to release a trailer or release date, but it will be disturbing if it follows those stories.

(Photo by Cartoon Network)

The fifth episode of Rick and Morty’s fifth season opens coldly. It seems that the cenobit knockoffs are attracted to Jerry due to his boredom. Rick has apparently tried to cheat on them in the past. Sanchez appears to be riding while those demons hover above the boring Smiths.

Clive Barker’s creations won’t be the last to appear on screen this year. August Candyman will also return the August Candyman villain, bringing the city back to life and allowing the urban legend to awaken.

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