Samantha opened up about her controversial character Char

Samantha is now the talk of the town in the film industry. Her latest portrayal in the Amazon web series “Family Man-2” caused controversy in Tamilnadu. This is Samantha’s OTT debut.

Although there was an uproar, Samantha never spoke up.

Now she replied with the words: “I thought of filling this character with sensitive and emotional elements when I agreed with the character of Raji. I thought of repeating the struggle, the hatred, the tyranny and the greed of those times in order to do justice to the people of this area at that time “.

She said she only agreed to take on the role after knowing there was plenty of scope to showcase the talent.

“I did a lot of homework to portray the role of Raji. I saw several documentaries about the Tamil Eelam movement. I understood the pain of women at the time. The creative team would send me the material from time to time. I could I can’t control myself after experiencing the pain the women endured during the Tamil Eelam movement, “Samantha said.

Samantha is delighted with the recognition she has received for the role of Raji in the Family Man 2 series. She is looking for more interesting characters and characterizations.

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