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‘Survivor’ Season 41 Cast Revealed, New 26 Day Game Introduced



'Survivor' Season 41 Cast Revealed, New 26 Day Game Introduced

With the premiere of season 41 this fall, a new era of Survivor begins. When the 18 new castaways are announced, Jeff Probst also introduces new elements to the game, starting with the length of the game, which was always 39 days.

“Survivor 41 heralds a new era starting with a much more dangerous 26-day game,” the CBS personality, 59, explains of the development. “That means it’s a very fast pace. It forces players to make bigger decisions. So there will be new benefits and there will be some controversial twists and turns. “

Robert Voets / CBS Entertainment

Included in this new era is what they call a “game within the game” element, which Probst describes as “an interactive experience for younger, future survival players” who “must discover and solve rebus puzzles hidden in each episode”.

The longtime host anticipates backlash from die-hard fans as he continues to state, “There’s a story about Survivor. Every twist we’ve ever made people hated in the beginning, back to season 3 when we did the first tribal swap. When tribes don’t get a switch, they’re upset. It was the same with the idol, it is the same with everything. “

This season’s cast includes an ex-NFL player, neurosurgeon, rancher, grocer, several college students, a home mom, pastor, flight attendant, and more.

A press release from CBS also describes how the 26-day game will be sped up as “supplies are minimal, reward challenges are scarce, and players face perks that could greatly aid their game or just as easily put out their torch”.

With this, Probst adds, “I try to remind players to just keep moving and beat the game. It’s fast. You have to earn everything. And even then, there is no guarantee that you will keep it. This is survivor right now, so buckle up. “

Scroll down to meet the 18 castaways for season 41 of Survivor, which premieres Wednesday September 22nd at 8 p.m. on CBS

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