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Taylor Stitch enhances classic shirts and pants with Atelier & Repairs Collab



Taylor Stitch enhances classic shirts and pants with Atelier & Repairs Collab

What’s old is new again, at least in the eyes of San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch. The popular men’s clothing brand takes an eerie approach to excess inventory: It transforms two of its core pieces into reinterpreted garments with the Taylor Stitch x Atelier & Repairs Capsule.

Atelier & Repairs, founded by longtime fashion industry veterinarian Maurizio Donadi, seems a perfect fit to produce reinvented, remastered versions of two Taylor Stitch classics, the Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford and the Taylor Stitch Chino.

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With overstocking, the good folks at Taylor Stitch had the perfect match in mind. Donadi’s Atelier & Repairs uses a mixture of damaged, dead or discarded clothing and materials to create pieces that strike the line between classic and fresh.

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Donadi and his team took these pieces and then breathed new life into them by using patches and excess material to create an entirely “new” pair of pants or a timeless Oxford shirt. There are three variations of the brand’s super hot chinos to choose from, along with two new versions of the Oxford shirt.

Taylor Stitch x Atelier & Repairs Capsule (3)

No new material was created in the process, which is in line with the responsibility initiatives championed by Taylor Stitch (such as using organic cotton and building parts to remarkably durable standards).

“The beauty of working with Taylor Stitch was not just rethinking the most important styles in a man’s wardrobe, but also their commitment to reducing inventory in the most relevant ways,” said Donadi. “Not by discarding, but by revising your original design proposal.”

Taylor Stitch x Atelier & Repairs Capsule (4)

The decorated pieces also go through a soft wash process to give them a vintage look and feel. And while both the Jack Oxford ($ 195) and Taylor Stitch Chinos ($ 220) are more expensive than standard Taylor Stitch pieces, the character and quality of the range are certainly worth the extra investment.

Taylor Stitch x Atelier & Repairs Capsule (1)

You also get exactly the same specifications that you would find in a normal, stylish, essential Taylor Stitch chino, for example. We’re talking about organic cotton, a tailor-made YKK shaft and brass zipper, a striking vintage San Fran card print in the pockets and of course a timeless fit that is neither too casual nor absurdly thin.

Units are moving fast right now, but if you pre-fund these pieces now at the Taylor Stitch Workshop, you will get some standout, stylish, and eye-catching results when these updated Essentials ship in October.

It’s worth the wait to know you’re getting a sustainable version of a classic.

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