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That’s crafty! This is how to make Halloween fun, from costumes to cupcakes.



Now that's Crafty! Here's how to make your Halloween, from cupcakes to costumes

While Halloween might look different this year, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. You can have fun with your family by doing things together such as baking, decorating and building costumes. The best part is that mom and child can learn together. Meet Sawyer!

This interactive educational platform provides endless hours of guidance and learning opportunities for children of all age. Sawyer has valuable resources that enhance child development, particularly from the comfort of their own homes.

Here are some fun ways Sawyer could help you create Halloween memories.

Get your cheeks out:

What could be better than candy for Halloween? Instead of going door-to-door looking for candy, let your child trick or treat at home. Every room can be a different adventure with delicious surprises. From giant Jack O’Lantern brownies Sawyer added: Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes to Day of the Dead Sugar Cookie Skulls Home bakingOnline classes that are endlessly fun (and delicious!) For the entire family!

Smarten up!

There are fun Halloween bracelets and superhero bracelets that flash when you run.Sawyer has handy guides to help your child unleash their imagination. There is nothing better than creating your creations! Sawyer will even mail you the materials you need!


Get dirty:

You can make a funny face on your jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Draw a scary picture that you can hang all over your house as decoration. Sawyer shares a number of DIY Halloween ideas for you to try at home.


Sawyer is great for older kids, too. He can teach you everything from cooking to how to code (yes, code!).To music and dance. Perhaps even mom could learn a few things for her next TikTok clip?


Sounds unbelievable? It’s true! You can find tons of courses for free, including Spanish classes and marble paper-making! is the best place to get started on your family fun!

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