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The settlement factory that kept R. Kelly’s accusers quiet



The settlement factory that kept R. Kelly's accusers quiet

For the past four weeks, prosecutors have tried R. Kelly’s blackmail and sex trafficking trial in Brooklyn Federal Court for the case of Kelly sexually abusing women and girls from across the country from the mid-1990s until his arrest in the Year 2019. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Kelly was a prominent voice in pop music and sold over 100 million records. He also became one of R. & B’s greatest singers, songwriters, producers and performers. Although he was originally charged with child pornography in 2002 by the Illinois State Court, it took six years for him to be tried. The videotape was focused on a 14-year-old girl. Neither the girl nor her parents gave evidence. Kelly was then released. Why is Kelly now facing extensive criminal charges for his alleged crimes when he was already acquitted?

Kelly paid many of his accusers cash compensation in return for their signatures under nondisclosure agreement, a tactic used frequently by wealthy predators like Harvey Weinstein. Many of these agreements were written by Susan E. Loggans (Attorney No. In an Eastern District of New York motion to add evidence to the court records, 1 was cited. Loggans has been the most prominent lawyer for Kelly’s complaints over the years. He runs what I called the “settlement plant” in my earlier coverage. Loggans denied the accusation, noting however that most personal injury cases are settled. The judge was told by the prosecution that Loggans and Kim Jones, her longtime assistant, would be available to testify against Kelly. However, both Loggans and Jones live outside the state so they “insist” they can’t travel to New York due to the pandemic. Loggans has claimed that she cannot travel to New York to take care of her mother, who is 89 years old. Loggans stated that she was not asked by the prosecutors to travel to New York to give evidence.

Loggans, now seventy-one, lives in Florida and is married to a professional golfer. Loggans spent most of her professional career in Chicago, where there was a lot of media attention. She is named one of the best personal injury attorneys in the country on her website and notes that she has a Ph.D. in psychology. She talked to a journalist in 1994 about show horses and flying. She claimed she used fly from Chicago to California to have her hair cut. In two lawsuits she filed against the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team, she claimed that an ex-assistant coach had sexually abused his players. He has denied the allegations. She gave several interviews about these lawsuits, but has long avoided talking about Kelly in detail; Citing nondisclosure agreements, she refused to say much about the lawsuits she brought against him, other than the fact that they were “numerous”.

Loggans became a part of R. Kelly’s business in 1996 after her company filed a lawsuit against him on behalf a young girl named Tiffany Hawkins. Hawkins claimed that he had met Kelly when she was just fifteen years old, and that he was twenty-four. When I spoke to Hawkins in 2019, she told me that she was an aspiring singer; she had recorded backing vocals on Kelly’s debut album “Born Into the 90’s” and was a backing vocalist for Aaliyah, Kelly’s protégé, who became one of her close friends. Aaliyah was 15 when Kelly wed her. Hawkins claimed that Kelly had sex with her and other minors and that she ended their relationship in 1994, four months before she turned eighteen. She said that she attempted suicide two months later.

Hawkins heard more stories about Kelly and the underage girls, and decided to stop him in 1996. Demetrius, a longtime friend and ex-road manager of Kelly, offered advice. Smith said that he brought Hawkins along to Susan E. Loggans & Associates after he had seen the suspicious ads from Loggans. Ian Alexander, a young employee at the company, interviewed Hawkins. Hawkins was an avid music lover and Alexander was stunned by the information Hawkins gave him about Kelly. Loggans didn’t know R. Kelly, but she accepted Hawkins as a client.

Susan E. Loggans is listed as “Attorney No. The Eastern District of New York moved to add evidence to the court records.

Alexander stated that Hawkins was set to file a criminal charge against Alexander. Alexander and Hawkins both said that the office had decided to drop the case. Hawkins said to me that she was a young black girl. “Who cared?” Alexander assisted Hawkins in filing a civil lawsuit against Kelly and his management company. Hawkins claimed Kelly had a “bias towards.” sexual contacts ”. to minors and seek $ 10,000,000 in damages.

Hawkins presented a seven-and-a-half hour testimony. Kelly’s attorneys offered Kelly two hundred fifty thousand dollars to settle the matter. Alexander stated that Loggans pressured Hawkins into agreeing to the offer. Loggans refuted this. The money was kept by your company, which is standard practice. Hawkins claimed that she has never met Loggans.

The lawsuit served as a blueprint for many of the other cases that followed in the following two-and-a-half decades. In 2001 and 2002, two more lawsuits were filed on behalf of Chicago’s two alleged victims. Both of these cases alleged Kelly had sex with them as minors. These cases were also settled outside of court. The following cases were settled outside of court: Kelly’s lawyers would be informed by Loggans of their clients’ claims. They would then negotiate a settlement to keep the charges out the civil courts and out the news.

Kelly’s defense team has relied on four federal cases to prove that victims shouldn’t be prevented from speaking out for the public good. One of these cases was against Cosby in 2016, after Constand had sued him while he was talking to prosecutors. In Brooklyn, two of the victims Loggans claimed to have been represented by Kelly testified. Jane Doe #4, the first victim, claimed Kelly had had sexual contact with her when she was sixteen years old. He was then in his early twenties. She told the court, “I got a lawyer because I wanted to bring charges” – criminal complaint – “against him”, but she never did. Loggans settled for $ 1.5 million with Kelly’s lawyers in return for a non-disclosure agreement. Courtenay, a former employee at Loggans, testified before the court that she conducted Jane Doe No’s intake interview. 4. Jane Doe No., the other victim, was also alleged. Jane Doe No. 11 testified that Kelly and her had a sexual relationship in 2001 that was consensual. She also claimed that he gave her herpes. Kelly was also a client of Loggans, she said. Kelly reached out to Kelly in 2004 for a cash settlement. In the request for additional evidence, at least two other Loggans clients are anonymously mentioned by the prosecutor. It is unknown if they will make a statement.

Loggans has never appeared on the recorded in nearly two decades. In the first interview, Loggans said that there were two sides to this. She was speaking about Kelly’s clients, which she represented in 2002. “They don’t see it negatively when it happens, they see it as a positive that R. Kelly is their boyfriend. They were trying to get work in the music business when R. Kelly dumped them. As they get older, they realize how wronged they were and fall for it. It’s the same as any young girl who loses her man. It’s like any young girl who is abandoned by her boyfriend.

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