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These are the 10 best Japanese whiskeys you should drink in 2021



The 10 best Japanese whiskeys to drink in 2021

Overall, best result:Yamazaki 12 years at Drizly

This single malt is floral and fruity, with a Scotch-like flavor, but it has a unique style.

Best under $ 100:Nikka Coffey Grains at Drizly

It is made primarily from corn and, unlike barley it has a creamy texture with a sweetness which should appeal to bourbon lovers.

Best under $ 50:Drizly, Mars Shinshu Iwai 45

This is an excellent summer drinker because of its notes of vanilla and baking spices, pears, and quince.

Highball is best:Suntory Toki at Drizly

Toki is Japanese for “time”, and has notes of almonds, pink grapefruit and light vanilla.

Best single malt:Hakushu 12 year old in Drizly

This peaty whiskey is produced in a distillery made from malted Barley. It has an herbaceous and woody nose.

Best no-age statement mix: Akashi white oak at. Drizly

This whiskey can age in many casks including shochu and bourbon.

Best age statement mix:Hibiki, 17 years old at Drizly

A blend of grain and malt whiskeys, which has matured for over two decades, gives it a silky smooth taste and buttery fruity flavor.

Best peated: Nikka Yoichi, Drizly

It is a strong smokey flavor, with a balanced balance of tropical fruit and caramel flavors.

The best sherry barrel Ohishi 8 year old

Rice whiskey is a complex mixture of tobacco, cocoa and dark fruits. It is great as a complement to your meals.

For cocktails, this is the best option: Shinju whiskey at Drizly

Shinju, a Japanese whiskey, is aged in white oak barrels for between two and four years.

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