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This long weekend can be read 38 times



Read 38 times to catch up on this long weekend

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For the long weekend we have compiled a list with readings that you can bring, including stories on relationships, family, dates, thoughts about work and insights into fall fashion. Because Labor Day marks the end of daylight saving (sorry, we meant it), we’ve included cutting-edge articles as well as some that look ahead to the season.

Learn about family and relationships

We can help you assess strained friendships.

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Advice for Online Dating in 2021 from the creators of a popular app.

(Photo credit to iStock / Getty Images).

Is it reasonable to expect your partner support you emotionally? It depends

(Photo credit to iStock / Getty Images).

How to Cook for Migrant Children in Your Family

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To the workplace

How will your dog deal with your return to work?

(Photo credit to iStock / Getty Images).

Work lunches that aren’t prepared in the office kitchen

(Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images).

Six simple tips to help with your next interview

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Stories about wellness

How to relieve tension and ease pain by clenching or grinding your teeth

(Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images).

Are your sunglasses safe? Pay close attention.

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Surya Namazkar: How to warmly connect with the sun’s rhythm and energy through this warm yoga practice

(Illustration: Christie Carrière)

How this year’s disrupted routines have distorted our sense of time

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Grow and garden

Five Cool Things You Can Grow – and Eat!

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You will learn everything you need about climbing plants, and how to select them.

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Sowing the Seeds for Belonging: My father’s backyard was where I felt safe.

(Photo by Melissa Lem).

Fall fashion

Fashion Week Fall 2021: Here are 7 Trends to Know

(Source, left:; center:; right:

Fashion Week Autumn 2021: The most outstanding beauty trends

(Source, left:; middle:; right:

5 Trends that caught our eyes at Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2020

(Source, left:; middle:; right:

Men’s Fashion Week autumn 2021: Outstanding hair and beauty trends

Source:, middle:, right:

Here are more style stories and stylish advice

How to organize your wardrobe so that dressing is easier and more enjoyable

(Photo credit to iStock / Getty Images).

These indigenous brands are not interested in sustainability as a trend

(Left) Photo by Jamie Stevenson, submitted Tania Larsson. Right: Credit to Jacob Cruz and Aaron Tellez. Photo by Kari Rowe submitted Ginew

What will fashion look like after a year of tracksuits and t-shirts? Trend researchers share their predictions

(Photo credit, left Francois Durand/Getty Images; right Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Which direction is hair going? Experts share their predictions for the summer 2021 trends

Source, left: @ Salonaugust_to / Insta, photography taken by Saty + Pratha; right, @ fkatwigs/ Instagram

Lesley Hampton talks about fashion opening doors and promoting indigenous inclusion

(Photo: Marc Aitken)

Wudu worries: Does my skin care routine work?

(Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images).

Nail art is changing: New designs, colors, and shapes are very popular

(Photos: Biene Lalli)

These are the things mothers said to me on Insta about how to do my first six months as a mom with my hair

(Source, Instagram / @ nnekaelliott)

Devery Jacobs discusses representation in fashion and its favourite indigenous designers

Warren Steven Scott – Jacobs in earrings (Source: Instagram / @ rwenglestyling)

Find new activities, games and fun things to do

6 mobile devices that are highly anticipated

(Photo credit to iStock / Getty Images).

Carrom is the beginner’s guide for the most popular pastimes

(Photo credit to iStock / Getty Images).

We asked professionals from film festivals how to program backyard movie nights

(Image by iStock / Getty Images. Art: CBC Life.

These are the top single player card games that you can play using a standard deck.

(Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images).

This is an amazing trick! We asked a magician to show us how a beginner can learn card tricks.

(Credit: Images: iStock / Getty Images, Art: CBC Life

This is a cool trick! How to make shadow puppets

Source: Spirit of a Snail

Professional tips on how to tie dye clothing to create new looks

(Source, left:; right: Instagram / @ wildflowerdyes)

Finally, here are some nice places to look through.

You can find beautiful waterfalls all across the country that are worth tracking

Hunt Falls water is even more spectacular when it’s framed in a rainbow. This amazing Instagram photo by @saskatchewanderer (Credit: @saskatchewanderer).

Canada’s coolest trees to admire, hug, and climb from everywhere

Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, New Brunswick. (Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images.

Cool off in dreamlike swimming pools across Canada

Vancouver’s Kitsilano Pool (Credit: iStock / Getty Images)

This summer, the best beaches from coast to coast are available

Magdalen Islands, Que. (Image: iStock / Getty Images).

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