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Timex & MadeWorn team up for vintage-inspired American documents Watch Collab



Timex & MadeWorn team up for vintage-inspired American documents Watch Collab

Timex is moving up with its first upscale watch in the world and you should be careful. In the new Timex x MadeWorn American Documents series, no two watches are alike, with a two-tone dial that evokes the separation between day and night.

Timex has been busy lately, partnered with Danish brand NN07 and reissued a 1970s classic. While these two watches are standout on their own, it’s the Timex partnership with vintage revival brand MadeWorn by Los Angeles-based artist Blaine Halvorson that up the ante (and add value to your watch collection).

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Every piece handcrafted by MadeWorn is entirely made in the USA to recreate fabrics and constructions from decades past. The result is a whole range of remarkable flannels, t-shirts, and more.

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To say that MadeWorn is a treasure trove of incredible finds is not enough. If you’re looking for an iconic AC / DC denim jacket or a Rolling Stones-themed leather jacket to name a few, MadeWorn can sort you out.


The retrospective approach makes it all the more appropriate that the new Timex x MadeWorn launch is hand-assembled in the US with materials and parts sourced from the domestic market. Don’t worry: the watch has a Swiss movement for a precise finish.

This visually eye-catching timepiece costs $ 850, but since each is unique it could be said to be priceless. The stainless steel dial as well as the two-tone dial and the natural leather strap have been uniquely aged. It gets better the more you wear it, but you’re already starting out with a high bar that you need to clear.


As unmistakable as other MadeWorn items: a “MadeWorn” stamp is emblazoned on the case back.

It’s hard to find a watch that can rival iconic rock stars alongside iconic jackets, but the Timex x MadeWorn American Documents Watch admirably lives up to that challenge. One day it will be the kind of watch that has a lot of stories to tell.

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