Twitter’s Art Decider will no longer decide what art is

Art Decider has finally decided that his art is at an end.

Announced in a tweet on Tuesday, the popular news account decided that it will no longer decide what art is and what isn’t on Twitter, leaving the huddled masses to see what it means for themselves.

“I’ve decided The Art Decider will end today,” wrote Art Decider, directed by New York actor and writer Michael Tannenbaum. “I see this as a lucky occasion as I can finish this project on my own terms.”

Art Decider was active for over half a decade and had a Twitter account with a simple premise: decide whether something was “art” or “not art”. The account posted its simple reviews free of judgment and eventually gained over 200,000 followers, with people frequently tweeting Art Deciders to request arbitration.

I will never forget how you gave my grandma the happiest day of her life. Her comment single-handedly led to hundreds of really nice people from all over the world asking her questions and saying that she looked good. Thank you for giving her 15 minutes! Seriously😪

– Lumberzack (@ItsLumberzack) June 9, 2021

“I opened the account in September 2015, a few weeks after I found out that the job I had on a TV show would no longer exist for season 2,” Tannenbaum told Mashable via DM. “It was a project that meant the world to me, and I had worked on it for years before. It broke my heart that I couldn’t see the show until the end.

“In my depression, I knew I needed something to distract myself from it and I wanted the project to be as positive as possible. At some point, I came up with the Art Decider.”

Art Decider recognized and valued the importance of otherwise discarded tweets, which seems like a positive concept that could be continued indefinitely. Even so, Tannenbaum believes it is better to finish in full swing before the interest of his audience or audience wears off.

“I felt like I pushed the concept as far as possible. I would much rather finish this project a little early than a little too late,” he said.

“I think a lot of creative projects are rightly judged by length. We see this beyond art, very often in the world of sports. That the method and timing of finishing something can determine how people put it in See the future. ” Without naming a person or a project, it doesn’t take long to ask them to name someone or something that ‘should have ended a long time ago’. “

Honors and congratulations were received quickly.

I stopped counting the number of times you brightened my day with such a fearless and funny report. You made my real life better, not just my Twitter life. I wish you the best of luck with your next great ideas, I am sure that there will be many. Thank you very much

– Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) June 8, 2021

Thank you for your great, always enjoyable decisions! 😀👍

– Josh Weinstein (@Joshstrangehill) June 8, 2021

you will be missed my friend ️

– WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) June 9, 2021

Art ❤️

– Valter Skarsgård (@ValterSkarsgard) June 8, 2021

Art Decider continued its mission of positivity through to the end, thanking everyone who supported the account and encouraging followers to donate to the Trans Lifeline, The Innocence Project, and RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) charities.

“These three charities represent just a small fraction of the people who deserve to be surveyed, who deserve better treatment online / offline, and who these social media companies have consistently failed,” Tannenbaum told Mashable, noting that these companies ensure the safety and well-being of marginalized people on their platforms.

“They care more about engagement dollars than they do about protecting their users,” he said. “Anyone who spends more than five minutes on this platform knows that Twitter and all social media are some of the worst that humanity has to offer.”

Fortunately, where it is dark there is also light. Tannenbaum said he had some wonderful moments while at Art Decider, such as proud parents showing off their children’s artwork, young artists hoping for validation in their chosen careers, and people taking pictures of their pets Post.

“I was fortunate to have seen some of the most wonderful works of art, the most touching creations and the kindness that makes my heart burst,” he said. “The act of lovingly sharing something with someone else. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Comedian Hank Azaria also became aware of Art Decider very early on, a moment that was of particular importance for Tannenbaum.

“Hank Azaria’s tweet was so special and became my banner photo because it responded so nicely when I only had maybe two thousand followers and I wasn’t getting up on Twitter at all fast,” said Tannenbaum. “Like everyone else, I grew up in the ’90s and watched the Simpsons be the gold standard of comedy, and that inspired me to go really far.”

Art Decider has grown significantly since then and even won a Webby Award in 2020. Tannenbaum told Mashable his notifications were pinging with people asking for the account’s verdicts even as he was composing his farewell tweet.

“I thank everyone who took part,” he said. “It is a vulnerable thing to ask someone what they think of their work. I don’t take that lightly. For years people have shown me personal work every day.”

Although Art Decider will surely be missed, Tannenbaum is not starting any new online projects yet. He’s excited to take a “big break” from social media instead and spend some time playing the new Pokémon Snap.

He’s now leaving the internet to us and encouraging people to keep calling for a “better digital world”.

“It will only grow and get stronger,” he said. “That power can either be used to create a kinder world or an alternative that is unthinkable.”


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