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UO Home Palmer Linen Blend Lattice-Gathered Duvet Cover Sale 2021



UO Home Palmer Linen Blend Lattice-Gathered Duvet Cover Sale 2021

Linen bedding regulates body temperature much better than cotton or polyester, so you won’t sweat in the heat and stay like a cocoon in cooler temperatures. We find the perfect fabric for the most severe fall weather. However, the price is the biggest problem with this amazing fabric. Over the years, we have seen linen sheets cost up to four times as much as standard cotton. Urban Outfitters has a new textured linen blend duvet cover at 30 percent off. The full or queen size is $ 169, and the price for the queen/full size is $ 120.

It’s a stylish and fashionable linen-blend duvet cover, even at full price. The screened seams give it an antique Japanese boro look. This duvet cover is not only attractive but also functional. It has a button closure and inner straps that keep it secure. Additionally, the duvet is lined with flat cotton fabric for a soft touch. You can make a dramatic fall bedroom transformation if you feel practical. We recommend matching the pillowcases that are on sale. Both are available in light grey if you prefer something subtler.

UO Home Palmer Linen Blend Lattice Ruched Duvet Cover (Full / Queen)

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