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What is the best time to apply for a US work permit? – TechCrunch



When can I apply for my US work permit? - TechCrunch

Sophie Alcorn is founder of Alcorn Immigration Law Silicon Valley. She also received the 2019 Global Law Experts Awards for California Law Firm of The Year for Entrepreneurial Immigration Services. It connects people and companies with opportunities that will expand their lives.

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“Your questions are crucial to disseminating information that enables people around world to push their limits and make their dreams become a reality,” Sophie Alcorn, Silicon Valley immigration lawyer. I am available to answer all your questions, whether you’re looking for a job or in People Ops.

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Dear Sophie

My husband recently got a job as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. His new employer will sponsor him to obtain an E-3 visa.

After we move to the US, I would like to work again. I understand that the E-3 Spouse Visa may grant me a permit to work.

What is the earliest time I can apply for my US Work Permit?

– Adaptive Aussie

Dear adaptive

We are grateful for your question. And congratulations on the new opportunities that you and your husband have! To find out who is eligible for a work visa, how to apply, what you can do with it and how long it takes, listen to my podcast episode on work permits.

After you have obtained E-3 status (a professional Australian visa) in the United States, it is possible to apply for a work permit. You cannot apply for a work permit at Sydney Consulate if you are applying for your E-3 Visa. You will need to file Form I-765 (Application For Work Permit) and any other documents required by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. Once your USCIS approves your request, you cannot work until you have received the physical EAD Card proving that you’re eligible to work in America.

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What time it will take?

USCIS is currently behind schedule and will take approximately eleven months to process EAD requests. An immigration lawyer should file your EAD application for you, as errors and omissions can lead to further delays. An immigration attorney will also be able to discuss other options that could allow you get started sooner.

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