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Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed Review



Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed Review

Maggie, the author’s dog is sound asleep in the above dog bed.
Photo: Photo: Arielle Avila

Because Maggie is a wretch, did I purchase Halloween costumes? Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes. As many pet owners, my goal is to ensure that Maggie has the best possible life. This list includes the perfect dog bed.

Maggie is a very good sleeper. She can be found curled up in a ball for 16 hours every day. She is very conscious of how she sleeps, at least in my opinion. My friend and myself can see if she is feeling well right away. Signs include snoring, drooling and a slight whimper during dog dreams. If she doesn’t, she will either run up and down discouraged, or hop on our couch or bed.

We were aware of the importance of getting Maggie the best bed. We didn’t realize that Maggie’s Goldilocks bed would require us to travel three years and cost over $ 500. Most importantly, we didn’t expect to find The One- Yeti’s Trailhead Dog Bed. A brand that is well-known for making mugs which keep wine chilled for hours.

Mysterious is the number of poly-filled beds that we used. The soft, hypoallergenic, and affordable poly-filled beds were a big selling point at the time. The shaggy beds we bought at our local pet shop seemed to be strong enough to hold Maggie’s 45 pound weight. But they kept going flat and too empty for Maggie’s taste. The strongest one lasted for a year, the others lasted only six months.

We decided to invest a bit more in memory foam after two years of failing polyester-filled beds. These foam beds are great for dogs with orthopedic issues and provide a lot support. Maggie fell asleep in her bed after spending a day at the lake. It was a fatal error. Even though Maggie had been cleaned, we could still smell the lake water’s musty stench in our apartment. We found it emanating from Maggie’s bed. We tried many cleaning products on the mattress, and even used suggestions from online forums to clean the upholstery. But the smell remained for a week. The memory foam capture smells like it was made to be used. We were back in the first place.

After three years of searching, my friend finally found the answer he was looking for. The dog gear website was discovered by my friend while he was searching for another Koozie. The first thing that struck me when he sent me the link to the dog beds was their price. The bed is twice the price of any other dog bed. After a few weeks, however, my friend, a passionate Yeti enthusiast, won me over. I was determined to complete the quest. It was enough for me to pay $ 300.

Yeti Trailhead dog bed

The Trailhead bed arrived much heavier than I had expected. The Trailhead dog bed weighs in at ten pounds. This seemed like a sign of its strength. It was then that I realized it came in two separate pieces. One is a textured pillow roll, which Yeti calls a “Home Base” and the other is a removable, comfortable pad called a Travel Pad. Instead of a plain cover, the upholstery and the upholstery were both covered with a waterproof base as well as a thick, quilted covering. Maggie was at my side as I checked the bed. Her tail was wagging eagerly. She quickly jumped in and made herself comfortable. She then snorted shortly thereafter.

Since Maggie bought the Yeti dog bed almost two years ago, Maggie has been in this state nearly every day. The Home Base pillow roll is a favorite. She now prefers to rest her head on the edge of the pillow roll, rather than just snuggling in a ball. She isn’t inclined to get up to reposition her body as often as she used to, and she also loves to place one ear on the edge of the bed.

The quilted cover that covers the bed can be machine washed and still smells like Maggie after being used for two summers and many sea voyages. It was able to withstand something that no other bed could. Maggie’s bed was brought to us by my sister, who was staying with me a few month ago. We placed it in Maggie’s living room. Zoro the cute and unruly Viennese-dog of the house ran to the Yeti bed immediately and began marking his territory. It happened so quickly, I was able to see the potential of this Yeti bed before my eyes. I was sure this eight-pound toy dog ​​flushed our $ 300 investment in the bathroom. To our surprise, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not one drop of urine reached the upholstery of my bed when I removed the covers. After just one wash, the covers were clean and dry. It was amazing.

The bed has been in our home for two years and still looks brand new. It’s as soft as the day it arrived in the box, and the cover is perfect after a quick wash. Although she occasionally tries to get up on the couch sometimes, she seems happy to sit on her Yeti and enjoy her snoring.

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