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Your horoscope for the coming week: Expect concise insights into relationships of all kinds



Your horoscope for the coming week: Expect concise insights into relationships of all kinds

In the last week the crescent moon rose higher and higher in the sky after sunset. This week’s first quarter moon, or crescent moon in Sagittarius, is a sign of hope that began as a thin, gondola-shaped symbol of hope.

Your hopes, dreams and wishes have been collected by our night lamp. It gives form, shape and substance to your dreams, hopes and desires as it grows over the lunar month.

On Monday and Tuesday, Neptune’s connection to the sun will give rise to a spiritual, ethereal quality that makes it a great time to meditate. Mars will enter Libra, a clear-thinking sign, on Tuesday. This will improve communication and intellectual thinking.

You will get concise insight into all connections by having Venus square Saturn on Thursday and Friday. It will make you think deeper about yourself and help you see where you are going. Allow yourself to be inspired by things that inspire you. Avoid worrying thoughts. These millions of thoughts running through your mind are shaping your future. So be mindful of what you think.

As Jupiter, the bringer and bringer of joy, approaches the moon, the week ends with a happy ending. This will keep your emotions afloat. Make your sense of humor the king of the weekend. Laughter is a powerful tool to protect you from problems. The moon-Jupiter link gives you energy and dynamic boosts and can bring you good luck.

This is your week’s horoscope, Monday September 13th 2021.


Negative heavenly influences begin to subside. You have struggled with a difficult and frightening situation for a long time. It has been difficult to resolve it. Now it seems that it will just go away. You will soon see that the initial problem is gone. Review your expectation of the future. Be more confident in what you feel than what other people tell you. Unexpected information can prove you right and justify your cause. Sagittarius’ first quarter moon claims you can direct events in the best direction for you.


We care too much about what others think of us. We not only pay too much attention what others think of us, but we also allow our relationships with our closest friends and colleagues to be subtly shaped. We don’t want our loved ones to approve or understand what we do. We have to look at areas that they find foolish sometimes for our own learning. You can resolve any conflict that is related to the above problems by using the moon in Sagittarius’ first quarter. Things will soon be happy.


So many times we sort out a difficult emotional problem only to find another one arises. It’s not the same this time. It’s finally happening and you want it to continue. It doesn’t require a lot of effort. All it takes is patience and perseverance in the face delays and inconsistencies. You must pay attention to all the pressing issues in your life. You are constantly being surrounded by vultures, waiting to be answered. The first quarter of Sagittarius’s moon promises relief from the stress soon. New hope inspires you.


The current cosmic climate makes you nervous. It’s almost like you can’t hide from the fact that there are certain facts that you have to face. A mixture of fear, doubt and anxiety can set in about the challenges you face. Uncertainty is a stressful aspect of life. A quarter moon in Sagittarius can help you get out of an indecisive mood. You will discover that you worry too much about nothing. You are more capable, have more potential, and have more chances of success than you realize. You have the chance to make it happen. You will do fine if you are realistic and pragmatic.


No matter how smart and experienced we are, we keep making mistakes. All of us are human. We must be mindful of our surroundings and others. The journey of life is always a learning experience. Do your best to let go of whatever you are angry about and with whomever you are angry. Talk to a friend for objective and good advice. Sagittarius’s new moon indicates that success requires being open to new ideas. Be proud of yourself and don’t be ashamed.


You want to feel like you’re holding the wheel of your life. If you reach for it now it doesn’t seem reliable to respond. It may be frustrating, but it doesn’t need to be a problem. Relax, trust your intuition, and believe in your highest inspiring vision. You can trust a positive force to help you navigate safely through difficult areas. You can trust the first quarter moon of Sagittarius to guide you through your problems and get you to where you want. You will see the magic happen when you let go of your fears and embrace all that you are thankful for.


You don’t want to be unfair. You don’t want to upset anyone. However, you have dreams and commitments you want to fulfill. You have the freedom to choose, but you also have the option to break certain agreements or habits to address current problems. Be sensitive but also be respectful of the needs and feelings of others. You will be able to see the moon in the first quarter, Sagittarius, and you can move forward. Take a close look at the details and resolve your worries about a situation. You have a rare opportunity to release yourself from a burden that has taken more strength than you realize.


With the moon in Sagittarius in the first quarter, you begin to make sense of what happened. You might even find that things settle down a bit. You should give them some relief from the tensions and uncertainties of recent times. It is hard to predict if it will be temporary relief or a permanent shift. It doesn’t matter what other people do or say. It all depends on your heart. Pandora’s Box has opened and revealed some surprising things. You can put it back in its original place if it is not your preference, but you might feel the need to explore what it holds. You can be bold this week.


Be careful not to take the good things in life for granted. You can reach anything, but you cannot stop slipping it by your fingers. You will find the answer to many of your questions by looking at the first quarter Moon in Sagittarius. These will enable you to be healthier, wealthier and wiser. There is an incredibly simple process happening somewhere in your world. You are doing something natural and very right. Be clear in communicating your thoughts. Trust others. You will find everything you need.


You can’t quite stop spinning in circles, but you can at least choose to enjoy your ride on the carousel. The first quarter of the moon in Sagittarius is a sign that actions motivated by genuine compassion will yield positive results. These may not be the best outcomes for actions that are guided by the instinct to self-preservation. Although you may feel vulnerable or exposed, you are actually quite safe. Recognize your strength and nurture it, then share it with others who need it. This week, you won’t be able to fall by making a bold decision. You will be on firmer ground.


The needs of a loved one or close companion cause you to expend a lot of energy and make a lot of compromises. This is actually a good thing, because it allows you to make important, long-overdue and positive changes that you might not have made otherwise. Problem is, if you’re trying so hard to please another person, you can neglect your needs. This is something that you shouldn’t miss. The first quarter Moon in Sagittarius will teach you to respect your preferences and prioritizes. Your contribution will be a significant and enjoyable one for everyone.


Life may be intense, stressful, and uncertain, but only because something wonderful is going on. You’re in a favorable position and are on the path to a desirable development. It is the same kind of fear people feel when they win a competition or pass an examination that causes them to be nervous about this. This is based on being confident about something, even though there is no evidence. Sagittarius’ first quarter moon signifies that you are certain of something. Overconfident is never a good thing. It is better to be cautious. Be free from fear and accept all that you have to be thankful for.

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