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Your horoscope for the coming week: Jupiter’s return to Aquarius will lift your spirits



Your horoscope for the coming week: Jupiter's return to Aquarius will lift your spirits

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As you move through some of this week’s friendly astrological alignments, you will end up with a happy destination. We hope you are feeling fine and on top of the world.

The most important development that will affect us all is the return of Jupiter to Aquarius on Wednesday. The opener of the way entered Pisces last May, but its retrograde shift in June sent it back to Aquarius. Not for long, however, because his return to direct movement in October will move him forward and in the last days of December bring him back into the arms of the gentle fish. Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces.

Jupiter in Aquarius will focus on groups and social gatherings. One of the topics will be to meet like-minded people and discover new ideas. The week starts happily when Jupiter conjuncts the moon. This once a month meeting lifts the mood and promotes happiness and happiness.

Our burly friend Mars, Hercules of the solar system, will move to the earth sign Virgo by mid-September. It will give you the strength to focus on practical matters and tasks that require attention.

Mercury, aka Hermes, reaches the other side of the sun on Sunday, August 1st. He has been traveling to the sun since the end of June. On Sunday he begins his journey back to earth. Keep your intuition antennas activated. He’ll be sending you signals all week. Homer described him as a Master of Strategy.

His meeting with the sun will coincide with the Irish festival of Lughnasa. This marks the beginning of the harvest season. This festival takes place halfway between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals along with Samhain, Imbolc and Beltane.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 26th, 2021


When things stay the same forever, we want them to be different. When circumstances start to change, we soon long for how things were. Only when we are dramatically released from an unwanted situation do we feel inclined to celebrate the arrival of a new power in our world. A certain problem should have been solved long ago. You have tried every logical approach, but with limited results. When Jupiter returns to Aquarius you will be ready to face this problem and fix it. It will give you the strength to achieve a heartfelt goal. An obstacle to progress will melt away with the heat of your passion.


You are afraid of something that is looming on the horizon. Do not worry. Everything will be fine. Recent challenges have taught you how to develop an inner reserve of strength that you never knew existed. You develop the ability to assert yourself constructively instead of feeling weak and ineffective. It is clearly in your power to shape your future the way you want it to be. Thinking about things that make you happy will strengthen you and attract good luck. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week will lead you to put aside negative notions of success to which you are entitled. You can achieve the wonderful.


There is a risk of being distracted from a certain negative point of view. This would increase the level of anxiety. Stay out of this zone. A little time away from a complicated situation will make it seem easy, so take a little break from it. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week will show a great winning strategy and determination to move it forward. All you have to do is ignore the naysayers and step through a door of opportunity that opens up for you. Keep your hands tight on the tiller handle and keep aiming your ship towards your utopian vision. Something very good is developing right now under your awareness.


You are guided by a powerful spiritual source. It is always there for you. It will help you wherever and whenever it can. It is a blessing that will accompany you all your life. This source will drop clues and whisper clues softly in your ear. It is up to you to develop your intuitive skills and learn to trust them. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week will prove to be an extremely auspicious development. Relax and refuse to give in to your worries. Just think how things could be a lot worse. You will find a way to make things a lot better.


Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week suggests that the dreams you couldn’t fulfill could be turned into reality much more easily. And the things that all of you couldn’t say will suddenly be much easier to express. A certain stressful emotional restriction should no longer be tolerated. Insights will help you create distance between yourself and some crazy drama. A hopeless situation becomes an inspiring opportunity. You have gifts, talents and abilities that others can only dream of. Don’t look for trouble. Look for a brilliant idea. And it will find you!


An improvement in an unwelcome situation will come. But be careful not to let yourself be disappointed by asking for perfection. The solution to all your problems will not be achieved in one fell swoop, but gradually over time. The good news is that Jupiter’s return to Aquarius this week will speed up the process. Work with the options available to you and you will find one that will take you where you need to be. There is nothing you can do if you want to. You can just wait for something to happen. However, if you take a proactive approach, it will expand your options and get everything done in no time.


You want to get a grip on reality, but sometimes it seems that reality has a stronger grip on you. Challenges threaten to weaken your immune system and undermine your self-confidence. Don’t let your heart be troubled. New reserves of strength and energy come to your rescue. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius will fuel a gigantic surge of energy. Your personal strength will receive a tremendous boost. This will enable you to break out of an unwelcome predicament and give you a valuable level of control over your destiny. You will get surprisingly good results with one bold step that you have to take.


You face some obstacles. These supposed problems are based on an unpredictable and turbulent sky. You are looking for a cup of refreshing inspiration, freshly drawn from the source of wisdom. You need that little bit extra. A little more zing in your energy level. But really, you need less of what you think you need. Have more confidence in what you already have and who you are. You are brilliant It cannot be mistaken. Trust it, and this week, with Jupiter emerging in Aquarius, you will have the perseverance and more than enough inspiration to get what you really need.


Some people think that the way to get what they want is to go into battle. You talk about planning campaigns, setting goals, tirelessly fighting for victory. It works for some people. However, there is an alternative way. It is much easier. It involves not worrying and just letting the spiritual side of life guide you. Always look at the bright side, which sometimes doesn’t seem very bright, but you’re wrong here. Light shines on you and there is clarity. Let go and let the spirit world do it for you. When Jupiter returns to Aquarius you will be connected to cosmic sources.


You start to wonder if you’ve used up all your luck. Perhaps you have pushed your luck too far. You may have to face the consequences of your own rash attitude. Your fears are understandable, but misplaced. You just have to wait for the moment to come. That moment comes this week. When Jupiter returns to Aquarius, your mood will change for the better. In a split second, you’ll know what to do. Take your chance in no time. Put aside your doubts and self-criticism. You have a feeling that is too strong and right to ignore. Everything will go well.


Signs and signals are not always easy to read. It is easy to misinterpret the information we are given. We read too much or sometimes too little into the events around us. We get paranoid when we should feel positive. At other times, we are complacent when we should be concerned. You are unsure whether a decision needs to be made. It’s hard to be sure of your thoughts and feelings. You may think your forecast is pessimistic, but Jupiter’s return to Aquarius will make it clear that there are far bigger reasons to be optimistic than you have previously realized.


When people host trade shows and festivals, they try to create more events than the public can ever fully see. Our world is also full of possibilities. We never run out of new things to explore. Our University of Life education begins when we arrive and continues until our last breath. But sometimes we forget all of this. We’re getting bored. We sink into a routine of repetition and that feeling of magic and wonder leaves us. This week, when Jupiter returns to Aquarius, you will rediscover the joy of discovery and get much better at it.

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