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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Revision Movie: Everything We Know



Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Revival Movie: All We Know

It’s the season! Roku has announced that they will be releasing a special Christmas episode for Zoey after a huge effort to bring back her extraordinary playlist.

In June 2021, creators Austin WinsbergSocial media was used to announce the cancellation of the music series after season two.

“Okay. We are here. It’s official. NBC / Peacock has decided not to launch another season. We will discuss this later. Right now, I refuse to believe that the show has ended. There is just too much. The fan base is filled with love and goodwill. Here’s what I need, ”the showrunner tweeted at the time before asking fans to spread their love for Zoey’s extraordinary playlist online.

The main role of the show Jane LevyShe too was nominated to a Golden Globe for her role of Zoey. She urged viewers not lose hope for the series’ future.

“Fans of Zoey! Thank you so much for your support over these past two years. “This show means so much, “the actress tweeted June 2021. Please use #savezoeysplaylist if you wish it to continue.

Roku announced 3 months later that it would include Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, a revival film, as their first original feature.

“Zoey’s incredible playlist is the kinda show that not just entertains but also engages people.” Colin DavisRoku’s Head Of Original Scripted Programmeing said this in a September 2021 press release. “The show has healing power brought to life through music and dance by the incredibly talented cast. The connection with the audience is what makes Zoey a special vacation movie.

The Christmas project was made possible by the hard work of the fans through social media.

“The fans have been passionate and unwavering in their support and their persistence has paid off. There’s no better encore than a Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist movie on Roku that can be streamed for the holidays. ” Scott FallLionsgate’s development manager, Mr. Lee HollinLionsgate’s current director of programs, said this in a statement shortly after the recovery news.

Scroll down to find all the information about Zoey’s Christmas miracle and the future for the series.

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